Graphs Should Allow for non-Zero Y-axis


When a chart or graph is representing a very large number (i.e. a stock price in excess of $1,000 or a net worth in the millions) it would be helpful if the y-axis could be set to be the range of numbers in the graph (i.e. stock price from $1,000 to $1,500) rather than starting the Y-axis at zero. Quicken has this option on a "Portfolio Value" graph on the Dashboard page. It would be a useful option on stock price and other charts where a user would have a more granular view of the information.

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  • Ps56k2
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    when looking at any of the investing related graphs - they become useless without a floor -
    Trying to view changes in a range from 150 to 200 when the floor is ZERO is kinda meaningless.

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  • Howard1
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    Yes. This has long been a sore point in viewing these graphs. If one has a graph in MS Excel, one can set the minimum and maximum, to allow for concise viewing. Kudos to Ps56k2 for having spoken up on this limitation.

  • Jim_Harman
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    edited March 9

    There have been multiple requests for this enhancement but they have all been closed and archived because they have not received enough votes.

    I encourage everyone to vote for this Idea by clicking on the little up arrow below the vote count in the top post.

    In addition to the graphs in the Security Detail view, I would like the graphs in the investing, net worth, and account balances reports to allow for an automatic and/or user defined vertical axis range.

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  • RussA
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    Agree. It renders many reports useless because it's difficult to see differentiation / trends. Many investment reports could benefit from this change.