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I'm trying not to "upgrade" from 2017 to subscription version. I need to create another quicken file for a different set of data. But when I go to "new quicken account" it tries to give me a new dashboard/home page, but then jumps to a blank page with only "file" and "help" options. Is there any work-around for this? I know 2017 is no longer supported, but I didn't think that would shut off my ability to open new files.


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    @kbkester EDIT: I replied without noticing what category this was posted in in the forum. My reply concerns Quicken Mac; if using Quicken Windows, it may be different.

    I'm not sure whether it can be done. Just to be clear, you have Quicken 2017 open with your existing data file, and you select File > New to land on the Let's Get Started page, and then select Start from Scratch?

    I just tried this in my old copy of Quicken 2017, and I ended up with a white screen. This is where it would typically authenticate your Quicken ID To assign it to this data file and create the associated Quicken cloud file which accompanies every desktop data file — but the servers to do this for Quicken 2017 apparently no longer exist.

    The only other thought I have — and I didn't try this to see if it will work — is to quit Quicken, duplicate your data file in the Finder, rename the duplicate, double-click to open it, and then delete all the accounts in the file so you can start (mostly) over. It would still have your old categories, securities, tags, reports, etc., but none of the transactions.

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    …when I go to "new quicken account" it tries to give me a new dashboard/home page

    Do you mean "New Quicken File" instead of "new quicken account"?

    Are you still able to access and view your main data file? Or do you get this white screen with it now, too?

    The white screen issue is caused by a change made by Quicken (in the last 1-2 years or so) to security that is not compatible with QWin 2014 - QWin 2017. Even though your QWin 2017 is no longer supported it still communicates some with your Quicken ID account and when it does the risk is that the security change is "communicated" to your Quicken installation. Since that change is not compatible with QWin 2017, it means that it no longer functions and that white screen comes up. Since Quicken made this change to support Subscription and QWin 2014-2017 is no longer supported, they will not fix this issue for QWin 2014-2017.

    There are a couple of workarounds that MIGHT be able to fix this but it is pretty much hit or miss if they will.:

    1. If you have a system backup from before when this white screen occurred, search for the Quicken.ini file in that backup file. If you find it, copy it and then paste it over the Quicken.ini file in your computer. (Do a Windows search for this file. It will not be under the main Quicken folder. It also does not consistently appear in the same Windows path for everyone.)
    2. Another method that some have used can be found at (but discussion regarding this probably should not occur in this forum).

    As mentioned, one of these two methods can SOMETIMES resolve the white screen issue. IF one of them does work for you, I suggest that you make a backup of your Quicken.ini file (after the fix is in place and working) because it is likely you will run into this same issue, again, in the future, especially if you ever need to reinstall your QWin 2017.

    If neither or these methods works for you, then you will probably need to buy a Subscription to restore access to your data files and to create new data files.

    If you wish, you can do a search in this Community regarding "white screen Quicken 2017" (or 2016, 2015, 2014). You will find quite a few other posts regarding this issue but I can assure you that there have been no other solutions identified to date.

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    Creating new data files in QW2014-2017 is not possible since you can not register the new file. All workarounds to this issue require the file to be preexisting to the demise of the registration servers for QW2014-2017.

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