Can I create another data file to help my son manage his debts and switch between them (Q Mac)

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I am running Classic Deluxe For Mac and have a subscription. My son needs help managing his finances. I want to setup a secondary file with all of his info to help him track things. I am assuming I can just go into file and new and name the account under my son. Before I do this I just want to be sure I won't loose access to all of my info. I just backed up my files. I'm just Leary to create a new account file before I'm 100% sure. I want to be able to switch back and forth.


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    no problem - all the info is stored in each Quicken data file … just like MS word and the Doc files you create -

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    As @Ps56k2 says, the two Quicken files (created by clicking menu File > New) will be independent and not interfere with each other. You can easily switch between the files by clicking menu File > Open Recent.

    Some words of caution about privacy though (since I think most people don't want their kids to have access to their financial info)…

    If your son is logged into the same Mac user account on the same computer, he will also be able to click menu File > Open Recent and have full access to your Quicken data, including the ability to make changes. To avoid this, you can have your son work in his own separate Mac user account. In that case, when you (he) first launches Quicken in the separate user account, you'll be presented with the Let's Get Started dialog since Quicken will not be aware of any other existing data files. Just create a new file from the Let's Get Started dialog and you're good to go…

    …well, with one exception… since you will have logged into your Quicken account using the same Quicken ID you use for your subscription (so you don't need two subscriptions), if you have Sync turned on in Quicken Settings > Mobile, Web & Alerts, in your data file and if your son has access to Quicken Classic for iOS or Quicken Classic on the Web (using your Quicken ID), then he would be able to switch to and view your data. This is because all cloud accounts under the same Quicken ID are always accessible in iOS or On the Web no matter where the desktop file resides. The solution to this is to either (1) turn off Sync in your data file, or (2) not give your son the password to your Quicken ID to allow him to use Quicken Classic for iOS or Quicken Classic on the Web.

    Sorry if that got a little too down in the weeds. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    @Jon I was going to raise the issue about accessibility of Quicken Cloud data, so I'm glad you did. If @cyburham doens't use the mobile app or web interface, then making sure Sync is off on the Settings > Mobile, Web & Alerts screen, and clicking Reset on the Settings > Connected Services screen, will prevent any data from being in Quicken Cloud and accessible to other users of the same Quicken ID.

    Regarding the first issue, wouldn't a simpler solution be password-protecting @cyburham's data file? Wouldn't that create sufficient security to keep their son from accessing their data file?

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    I'm not Jon, but if they are using the same Mac user account, then password protecting his file would work. But then you have to enter the password every time. If it were me, I'd put the kid in their own Mac user account for a variety of reasons, not just this one.

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    One key thing mentioned, "…I want to be able to switch back and forth. "

    For this, you might consider creating a separate user on the same Mac, then saving your son's file in a shared folder, as long as you can be sure that you both do not access the same file at the same time. There may be other ways, but the simplest, is to make sure only one user is logged in on that Mac at the same time.

    Otherwise, you would have to move the data file back and forth between user accounts.

    If you do not opt to create a separate user, I'm sure I would have many of the same "variety of reasons" to not share your Mac account with your son.

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