Need to remove/clear cache of 'WEB CONNECT reference' in Quicken (or PNC Bank)



I need some assistance with -- I believe -- clearing cache related to WebConnect.

Background first:

  • I have been using PNC Bank's "DIRECT CONNECT" method to a) download transactions and b) pay my bills via Quicken for the past ~2 years.
  • I have never had any issues whatsoever with the DIRECT CONNECT method (PNC).

Recent change:

  • Due to mail fraud, I had to replace one (1) of my checking accounts with PNC.
  • Once I created the new checking account in Quicken, I went ahead to add establish the "Online Services" for the new account.
  • UNFORTUNATELY, I made the mistake to use WEB CONNECT (vs. DIRECT CONNECT) when setting up the new account.


  • I called PNC's Help Desk and they advised me to remove all "Online Services" for all six (6) accounts.
  • I did exactly that and then recreated the online services connection using DIRECT CONNECT for all accounts.
  • As part of the process, I encountered an error (CC-51)... see attached snapshot.
  • I had the option to continue the setup though.
  • Afterwards, when checking the "Online Services" tab, all accounts clearly listed DIRECT CONNECT for its connection method.
  • The next business day, I was able to download transactions. Great!


  • Although I was able to successfully download transaction from PNC into Quicken, I then realized I that could NOT transfer amounts across 2 accounts.
  • For example, when scheduling an internal account-to-account transfer, the "Online Center" showed "Not sent" AND I noticed 2 small icons ("Outstanding Task") next to the 2 account numbers (left panel).
  • I went ahead and re-created the online services for all accounts (in fact, I did it multiple times).
  • Each time, I ran into the same CC-51 error. The last time, I clicked on the small 'lock icon' and then I noticed the reference to "WEB CONNECT"... see attached image.

Recap AND question(s):

  • Again, I have removed the "Online Services" for all accounts several times.
  • Each time, I can successfully connect to PNC and link to my accounts. However, I always get the reference to CC-51's WEB CONNECT error (even though the online services show DIRECT CONNECT).
  • How can I clear any lingering references to WEB CONNECT due to my making the mistake to connect to WEB CONNECT once when setting up the new account? If yes, where do I need to go (e.g., log file)?
  • OR, is that something that only PNC can remove somewhere in the account profile/settings?

Any advice is greatly appreciated given that the mail fraud has already cost me a great amount of time as well as some actual $$.

Thank you,


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    The error code is "CC-501" and it's associated with Express Web Connect+, not "Web-Connect" where you go to the Financial Institution's site and download a file.

    The FAQ for these sort of errors is here:

    You may have to get Official Quicken Support involved.

  • skydivetom
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    Thank you for the clarification. As part of multiple calls, I ended up speaking w/ two level-2 (or level-3) help desk representatives at PNC.

    While PNC's customer service has been EXTREMELY POSITIVE, this issue couldn't be resolved w/ the same file.

    I ended rolling back to the last backup file (~10 days prior) and having to re-enter n transactions to reconcile the accounts. As part of that process, I added the new account and everything's working fine again.

    Again, thank you for the assist. :)

  • Tom Young
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    Good to hear that you got it fixed. Having to restore an older file and then re-entering all the transactions needed to get back to "today" isn't easy.

    Did you not get Official Quicken Support involved here? I don't know that they would have come up with an easier solution than you were ultimately forced to use, but the couple of times I've interacted with Quicken Support I've have good results.

  • Boatnmaniac
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    I recently opened a new savings account at PNC and when I went to connect it with DC (after deactivating my other DC-connected PNC accounts) I got the exact same results you did. After trying to connect the accounts a few times over a 48-hr time period and getting the same results each time I decided to click on Advanced Options after selecting PNC Bank - Direct Connect. There I noticed that Quicken is defaulting to the EWC (actually, EWC+) connection option. I changed the selection to DC and then DC set up properly for all of my accounts and DC Bank Bill Pay worked again for bill payments and transfers between accounts.

    I've already raised this issue to Quicken and asked these questions:

    • Why is EWC even an option for a financial institution in Add Account that was specifically created for setting up DC-only connections?
    • Why is EWC and not DC the default for a DC-only financial institution?

    I can't say for sure that this is what caused your and my connection issues but IMO it seems like it is highly likely.

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