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Quicken Windows,

Ver R56.9


In one of my accounts, I have a position in VANGUARD FTSE EMERGING MARKETS ETF (VWO), which I’ll refer to as Security A. While accepting some downloaded transactions into the account transaction registry, I received a pop-up message asking if VANGUARD INTL EQUITY INDEX F FTSE EMR MK (VWO), which I’ll call Security B, was the same as Security A. The securities had a different name but showed the same ticker (VWO); however, I also noticed that Security B had a different Cusip No. than Security A, so I was uncertain if it was a match and couldn’t locate the Security B name in listings of Vanguard ETF funds. I don’t recall which action I chose, but it didn’t work out well. I ended up with a new security, Security B (no Cusip number shown), in my account and Quicken transferred all of my prior Security A transaction history to Security B. Quicken also entered a placeholder as a Security A transaction to reflect the Security A share balance discrepancy with the brokerage download.

I would appreciate any thoughts on the easiest way to correct this error. Is there a way to simply transfer the transactions in Security B back into Security A, or to change the security name of the transactions back to that of Security A? As an alternative, would renaming Security B to the correct security name and then deleting Security A be practical or would that cause other problems?


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    Hello @Rich,

    Since it shifted all of your information for Security A to Security B, you can backup your Quicken file, then go to Tools>Security List, click the row (do not click on the security name) with the security you need to edit (to select that row), then right click on the security name and choose Edit. That will bring up a window that you can use to correct the security details. As long as there are no transactions associated with Security A, you should be able to delete it.

    To help prevent this issue in the future, you may find this help article useful. It goes over the different options in the dialogue and explains what Quicken will do for each choice.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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    Do I understand correctly …

    • This involves only one account with transactions downloaded from one financial institution. (Which one?)
    • You now have two securities in your file as listed in the security list (Ctrl-Y)
      • Security 'A' with the older and desired name, Ticker = VWO, and CUSIP = 922042858 (per Vanguard's website), and
      • Security 'B' with the odd name, Ticker = ??, and no CUSIP
    • All the relevant transactions now refer to Security 'B'
    • No transactions except for a placeholder refer to Security 'A'.

    Does the placeholder for Security 'A' indicate the same number of shares as totaled for the Security 'B' transactions?

    If that understanding is close, I believe you can:

    1. Be sure you have a current backup.
    2. Delete the placeholder for Security 'A'
    3. Delete Security 'A' from the security list.
    4. Edit the name of Security 'B' to something closer to what you want. It does not need to be an exact match.
    5. Edit the Ticker for this security to be VWO (if it is currently blank or different). Do what 'seems right' with regard to the pop up about Security 'B's price history if the ticker is being changed. Click OK and the applicable transactions should now read with the better security name. The share total should be what previously showed as Security 'B'.
    6. From the account transaction list, gear icon upper right, select Reconcile shares and you should get an offer to match the brokerage's version of that holding to your version of that holding which will restore the CUSIP to that holding.

    Hopefully that

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    q_lurker, thanks for the response.

    Your understanding is basically correct, with a couple of clarifications.

    One account from one FI, Charles Schwab. This is one of my accounts that transferred from TDA as part of the acquisition of TDA by Schwab.

    Yes, both securities are shown in my security list, both with ticker VWO. Security A has correct name and Cusip No. (922042858); Security B does not show a Cusip No

    In addition to the placeholder in Security A, there is one dividend distribution that apparently came in correctly identified after shares had been transferred from Security A to Security B. I assume I should manually move or enter it when I change the name of Security B?

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    Per Fidelity, my broker, I'm showing a different symbol for the Vanguard FTSE fund.

    And a different name for VWO

    Vanguards website seems, almost, to agree with Fidelity description

    I think that you need to clarify what's what. Because this confusion is probably the cause of your issue.

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  • q_lurker
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    So I take it in Quicken, you kept the same account and changed the connectivity from TDA to Schwab. Could be that TDA had the security by one name and Schwab uses a different name, but even then the ticker and CUSIP should have matched.

    Regarding transactions and renaming, the principles are:

    • You can’t have two securities with identical names, but also the names do not have to match with what a brokerage or the quotes supplier uses.
    • You can’t delete a security if it has a transaction recorded for it in your file. So to delete the current Security’A’, you’d have to address both the placeholder and the dividend transaction.

    Regarding the two securities @NotACPA cited, those trade at significantly different prices such that it might clarify what is what

  • Rich
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    Quicken Kristina, q_lurker, NotACPA,

    Thanks to all for the responses and suggestions. Based on those, I was able to regenerate the file information for my account using the following steps:

    After backing up the file, I moved the single remaining dividend transaction in Security A to Security B, which resulted in it having the Security B name.

    Deleted the placeholder in Security A, and then deleted Security A.

    Changed the name of Security B to what had been the Security A name, which is the correct name for the security. That changed all the transactions back to the correct security name.

    I did not need to change the ticker as it was already the correct ticker, VWO.

    Reconciled the shares, which resulted in populating the CUSIP with the correct number, 922042858.

    Everything looks like it should. I guess the real test will be when I get a downloaded dividend transaction later this month.

    As a bonus, I got a helpful tip from q_lurker on how to get the CUSIP entered. Based on my prior understanding, I had expected to have to wait for a transaction download for this security to get the CUSIP entered.

  • q_lurker
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    Well done.

    (As I understand it) When you reconcile shares or otherwise cross check your Quicken data against you latest downloaded data, that last download has the brokerage provided name tied to CUSIP and that CUSIP tied to a number of shares on a specific date. Thus that reconcile process can fill in the CUSIP field in your Quicken data.