Projected Balances are wrong


My projected balances are wrong. Several transactions appear in the list but don't affect the running balance. Screenshot attached. Windows Quicken Classic, version R56.9, build


  • Tom Young
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    What you are seeing here is "by design." When you have several transactions that occur on one day, e.g., the three on 8/1/2024, the Closing Balance shown on that day is after all 3 transactions occur, The order of the transactions is irrelevant, the point is that on 8/1/24 after those transactions occur, in any order, your Closing Balance is $12,610.82.

  • NotACPA
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    HHHMMM, I'd never noticed that screen before …because I just look at the account(s), with "Reminders to show in Register" enabled, to see that running balance.

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  • bmshulman
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    Mr. Young, thank you! It's too bad the Quicken chat agent with whom I interacted couldn't have pointed that out. It also seems like something I should have thought of myself. However, I'm grateful for your help and for this forum.