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Hello there, I have asked this question before, but the old discussion is now closed. I want to downgrade to Quicken 2014, which is the last version that I and before purchasing the subscription version. Will the current file from the 2023 version work with the 2014 version of Quicken?


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    I don't believe that a current datafile can be opened by Q2014. Intuit, previously, tweaked the file format every year to disallow that.

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    Nope. You would have to export .QIF files (File menu) in your current version and import them into the older version. BUT, 2014 will be a problem since it uses a Quicken Id to register it and the registration servers no longer exist (they belonged to Intuit).

    If you are going to revert to an earlier version, use 2013 which was the last version without the Quicken Id registration. You can get a copy of it at https://www.quicken.com/support/how-and-when-use-intermediate-version-convert-older-versions-quicken/ . Also check out QuiknPerlWiz's website on advice on that reversion process. Ask questions about it on his site, not here on the Quicken forum.

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    If you are going to go back to an older version of Quicken you should target Quicken 2013, not Quicken 2014. Trying to use a QIF file to go back to an older version of Quicken will not be any different than going back to Quicken 2013 and Quicken 2014 has its own set of problems with the Quicken Id (Intuit Id). Note that Quicken 2014 was the first year for using a Quicken/Intuit Id for installing/registering the product.

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