Downloading QFX Using Quicken Mac 2017 After April 30, 2020

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I recently received an email from Quicken saying, in part "You're receiving this email as a registered user of Quicken 2017. If you have not yet upgraded to Quicken membership, all of your connected services will no longer be supported as of April 30, 2020:
Downloading transactions & balances from financial institutions..." (etc.)

Quicken refers to "connected services" but offers no precise definition of what that means. My question is after April 30, will I still be able to manually download QFX files from financial institutions to my desktop and then import them into Quicken Mac 2017? Is it only the direct from bank-to-Quicken data imports that will be disabled or will the disablement include even manually downloaded QFX files?

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  • Russ
    Russ Member ✭✭
    > @UKR said:
    > "Downloading" implies "importing". After April 30, 2020, neither will work for your version of Quicken.

    You may infer that but I do not.

    > Let me remind you
    > that you agreed to this policy when you originally installed Quicken on your
    > computer.

    Where? Buried in the fine print somewhere? Give me a break.
  • jacobs
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    @Russ It is as others have said above. Here's where you can see Quicken spell it out: on the page that explains their discontinuation policy. It says:
    What is discontinuation? What Quicken services will be discontinued?
    Quicken products contain online services such as transaction download and online bill pay. A purchase of a Quicken product license includes the ability to use these online services until the discontinuation date (listed in the chart above).
    On the corresponding date for your Quicken product, these connected services will expire and be discontinued:
    • Online bill pay
    • Downloading and/or importing financial data
    • Downloading stock quotes, news headlines and other financial information into Quicken
    • Uploading portfolio information from Quicken to
    • Live Support
    • Software patches and updates
    I bolded the piece that you're specifically concerned about: the ability to import financial data.

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  • Jon9
    Jon9 Member ✭✭
    So we can't even import transactions from our bank? This is clearly an effort to cripple the software that we bought. I smell a lawsuit...

    - Jon
  • Jon9
    Jon9 Member ✭✭
    Sounds like it applies both to Windows and Mac.

    The only reason that I can see for them to NOT allow you to import files from your financial institutions is to force you to buy a subscription. I understand obsolescence, but this is, to me - clearly designed to make it close to impossible to use the software and force it to be unusable.

    Am I wrong? Yes, I suppose if the format of the files changes, for example, then the import would break - but does the format of the files ever change? I don't think it has...

    - Jon
  • Jon9
    Jon9 Member ✭✭
    Yes, thanks for your thoughtful answer. It makes sense. I HATE this kinda subscription model, but it seems to be "the way of the future..."

    It's unfortunate - but money rules. I wish Quicken's support was better - would make me feel better about supporting them.

    - Jon
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