Do I need to pay membership dues?

I upgrade once every 4 years, I have TB's of online storage and I have used Quicken for decades now so support is not an issue. Will Quicken stop working if I do not pay membership dues?

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  • I am actually running Quicken 2020 but that is not listed as an option so I choose the most recent version. Paying $50 and getting nothing in return leads me to think it is not a good investment. As long as Quicken will keep running I am good.
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    The "subscription" model has replaced the "yearly" naming after 2017,
    and allows access to all the online features...
    (2018, 2019, and 2020 == "subscription")
    this would include - software updates, downloading your financial transactions, quotes, investments, Quicken Mobile App, Quicken on the Web, Quicken Cloud, etc -  after your "subscription" ends, or you chose to not renew, these extra online features would be restricted -
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • All I want to do is balance my checkbook. I do not need any of those features.
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    Also, if you're running "Starter Edition", then Q becomes READ ONLY when your subscription expires.
    The higher level product have about 1/4 of the screen taken up with a "nag message" to renew if your subscription expires.
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    Yes that nag question is very annoying. What is even worse if you click on Renew it immediately renews your account without any further confirmations. (Removed-disruptive)
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