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I purchased a direct download of Quicken Deluxe 2019 on 09/06/2019 which appears to not have gotten installed. My previous version - 2017 is still there and is the one that I have apparently been using. Now I am getting messages that this version will not download my bank transactions after April 30. I have gone into my account but do not have an option to reinstall the 2019 version. How can I get that version to my computer?

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  • Chris_QPW
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    First off make sure that you really have Quicken 2017, because those emails are sent to anyone that has had Quicken 2017, even if you have upgraded.
    Select Help -> About Quicken

    If you do need to install you can find it here:

    Also you can log into your "My Account" on Quicken.com and there will be a link to download the same install from there and you can check your subscription information there too.

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    Also, take a look in your Windows "Downloads" folder to see if the install program is there.  The file name will start with "Quicken..." or "QW..."
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