Transferring Quicken 2015 data to new computer & new version of Quicken

Hi - I had Quicken 2015 on an old PC and now have a new computer and want to buy the latest Quicken version to transfer my data to. Will my 2015 Quicken files transfer to the new version? Note that the files are on the hard drive. Thanks for the help!


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    You may move the Quicken files to a new computer:

    You may open the Quicken 2015 formatted files with a more recent version of Quicken and they will be automatically converted to the newer format:
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    Do you have a .QDF-backup file that is,  hopefully, not on  the old computer's hard drive?  If not, create one to a USB/CD and use that to restore to the  new computer.
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    Considering that the latest Quicken version is subscription and if the subscription expires, you get a narrow banner across the top and a panel about the size of the Account Bar on one side of your screen, you might want to continue using QW2015.  Starter Edition goes into READ-ONLY mode if it expires.
    See this thread about the lost screen real estate: Expiration-Banner

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