Scotia Bank Account Switching Currency from CAD to USD (Q Win Canada)

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This has been going on for at least a year & a half! Surely, tech folks can find a fix! It's a nightmare to get income tax preparation done in these circumstances. [Removed - Third Party Question] I'm ready to cancel Quicken.


  • Quicken Kristina

    Hello @cathythurston,

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although we apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    This issue is a known issue that has been reported to our Development and Product teams for further investigation and resolution. Though we do not currently have an ETA, you can bookmark this Community Alert to see any updates and when the issue is resolved. If you don't see the bookmark icon at the upper right corner, please make sure you're logged into the Community.

    I apologize that I could not be of more assistance!

    Quicken Kristina

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  • cathythurston

    Thanks for a quick reply, Kristina. I have bookmarked this alert and the same notice of no ETA has been appearing since last August 2022. I addressed this in early 2022 with Quicken. Who in Development & Product team can I deal with on this? I have been using Quicken for over 20 years - with Scotiabank as well - and this had never been an issue till 2022. If it cannot be fixed, and soon, I will be forced to seek another product.

  • grimmt1957
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    edited April 2023

    Hi Cathy,

    This issue may be resolved, but doesn't seem to be fixing the issue in place. i.e. you will need to recreate the accounts.
    Ensure you perform full backups of your Quicken file before working through this.

    Please review the following threads for some possible solutions:

    And try to report back if this works for you. :)

  • Arctic Hare
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    Create a full backup. Disable online services for the affected account. Create a new account in Quicken for each of the affected accounts. Enable online services and download recent transactions into the new accounts. If the currency setting is still OK in the new accounts after downloading recent transactions, then move all the transactions from each of the old accounts to each of the new accounts, you can do this as a bulk move - once for each account. Delete each of the old problem accounts.

    This make work completely fine. I've also seen it where Quicken runs into an issue at some point in the move and you need to do the move in a couple parts.

    Post back regarding your success with this approach.

  • Badger51
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    Is this problem only with Scotia? I am a longtime user of Quicken (US) and am contemplating switching to Quicken (Canada) to be able to deal with my US and Canadian accounts, all in one place
  • Arctic Hare
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    It seems that this issue is only related to ScotiaBank - at this time. There have been similar issues with other FIs at times.

    You haven't provided much context to your idea of switching to Quicken Canada… keep in mind that there is not a lot of commonality in terms of which financial institutions are supported. Carefully check your requirements to download from financial institutions against the FIDIR.TXT for both versions before you make that leap.

    I mostly bank with RBC Royal Bank and that presently works fine. My MasterCard is with BMO Bank of Montreal (tied to a legacy Mosaic brand) and that also download fine. I use OSU (EWC) for both.

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