Cloud sync does not work on foreign accounts?

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Hi my default accounts are USA accounts. I have Canadian accounts linked to my desktop version Quicken Classic, but these Canadian accounts simply don't show up on the phone app or if I log into my account in a broswer, depsite how many times I do the cloud sync.

is this simply a limitation for the cloud syncing?


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    Are you using Canadian Quicken? Mac or Win?

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  • Adience
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    I am using US version of Quicken Classic on Windows, hence my accounts are default USD accounts.

  • Chris_QPW
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    is this simply a limitation for the cloud syncing?


    If you have Quicken Windows US it only USD accounts. If you have Quicken Windows Canadian it is only CAD accounts.

    IF you have Quicken Mac, it will sync all account types, but the this is "false" in the sense that Quicken Mac doesn't have real multiple currency support, only just putting a different symbol on the register. And for instance, when reporting accounts with different currencies they have them separated instead of doing any kind of conversion between currencies. Basically, since Quicken Mac doesn't really know about the currencies it just sends up the amounts to the Quicken cloud dataset which has no multiple currency support and so the numbers all just "mix".

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