Elan online balance doesn't equal Quicken balance


And this is not the "dropping the cents" issue. After multiple downloads since 3/18 the difference is always different (and not explained by pending transactions, duplicate entry, etc.). After several calls to support I was told that others have also reported this issue and that a team would be working on it. However, I don't see other folks reporting this particular issue on this site.


  • Quicken Jasmine
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    Hello @gregstill,

    Could you please provide me with the ticket number that was given to you during your Quicken Support interaction?


    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    Did the Online Balance and the Quicken balance match in the past?

    If so, did this issue occur after you had done one of the following?: Reset Account or Deactivate/Reactivate.

    If so, Reset Account can and Deactivate/Reactivate will change the connection set up. When this happens, the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount sometimes gets changed.

    Do you have a backup file with this account in it from before when this issue started? It can be a relatively new or really old backup file…the important thing is that is has this Elan account in it and is dated from before when this issue started.

    Restore that backup file making sure to name it something different than the name of your current main file so your main file does not get overwritten by the restored backup file. Make note of the amount of the Opening Balance transaction.

    Then compare that amount to the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount in your main file. If the dollar amount is different, change it to match what you saw in that backup file.

    Did this resolve the issue for you?

    Note: It is advised to enter and save the correct Opening Balance transaction dollar amount into the Memo Field of that transaction. If it every happens, again, you will have a quick and easy means to know if the transaction dollar amount has been changed and what it needs to be manually correct to. In fact, it is recommended to do this for every Spending account (checking, savings, credit card, etc.) as a proactive measure.

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  • RobertDAltman
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    I have this same problem, but it's random. I have two Fidelity (Elan) credit cards. When I do an online balance, sometimes it works, sometimes it tells me the balance is off by some random negative amount. If I let Quicken create a "Balance adjustment" entry, online balancing will work for a few days, then it again complains that I'm not balancing. If I persist for several days in not letting Quick create a "Balance adjustment" entry, it persists in telling me I'm off by that same amount, even if I've downloaded and matched new transactions. At this moment, one card is "off" by a couple of dollars. The other card is "off" by several hundred dollars.

  • Boatnmaniac
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    It sounds like you might be dealing with a different issue. Are you reconciling your credits cards to the Online Balance?

    If so, you might want to try doing the following so we can get a better understanding of what you are experiencing.:

    1. Back up your data file.
    2. Delete all of those balance adjustments. Is the account now in balance and does it now reconcile properly?
    3. If not, try running OSU, again tomorrow. Does the account now reconcile properly?

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