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Restore Transactions Downloading Acceptance and Matching workflow to Quicken Mac (316 Legacy Votes)

smayer97smayer97 SuperUser, Mac Beta, Canada Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
Please restore the ability to control the matching and acceptance of downloaded transactions from FI/banks to Quicken for Mac, like in QM2007 or even QWin. 

Make it an option to either require manual acceptance or automatic recording into the register.

Currently, downloading automatically to the register does not allow the user to easily control and verify that matching has taken place correctly, that transactions are correct, etc. Automatically accepting them immediately affects the current balance of the register/account, which is sometimes not desirable until the transactions have been verified.

In developing this workflow, I suggest that there be the ability to sort the Downloading window by all fields, including, Transaction Date, Posted Date, Check #, Payee, Debit/Credit Amounts (just like the original in QM2007).

Please add this capability back to Quicken for Mac.

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