Add Ability to Change Font Settings (size, font, color, etc) in Quicken For Mac (166 Legacy Votes)

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Please provide the ability to change font settings (size, font, color, etc) in all account registers on screen.

I suspect the demographics for Quicken users is an older group, especially the long-time loyal customers. Aging eyes are having more and more trouble reading the smaller fonts.

UPDATE: There is currently the ability to change font size and row spacing in registers. While there is also a font choice, it only offers a single font, Helvetica Neue, as an alternative to the System Font Quicken uses by default; it would be helpful to have more font options.

Additionally, comments below expand the scope of this request to include font size control in other places, such budget screens and the Windows list screens (Payees & Rules, Categories, Securities, Tags, Actions).

To vote for this functionality, click the little black triangle under the vote counter in the yellow box below. Comments explaining why this is important to you are also helpful (but make sure you vote).

[Updated 1/24 to reflect features added and still missing, current Idea voting procedure —jacobs]

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Submitted for review Dec 2020 - CBT-163/CTP-7665 This has been partially implemented in 5.12 (Font size and type).