Add Unreconciled/Uncleared Filter in Transaction Register and Reports (29 Legacy Votes)

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There is no way to see all Unreconciled transactions within a single view or report. This is basic "balance your checkbook" functionality that needs to be
implemented. You have to be able to see what hasn't been fully
reconciled in a single view!

Yes, one can see Uncleared transactions (empty check box) by using that filter, but it doesn't include downloaded or manually checked (blue check box) transactions.

What we need is a filter called "Unreconciled" that is equivalent to "not checked green" or "checked blue or unchecked". That would be a major first step!

Additionally, we need to have all these filters available in reports: Unreconciled, Untagged, Uncleared, Last Downloaded, Not Reviewed).

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Under Review 7/2/20