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    glennmacc said:
    Jacobs: Thanks for that insights. That really does help. I used the All Transactions/Search to find some orphan transfers (when you transition to QMac, I'd recommend doing a global search for "orphan" as many of these orphaned transfers were hidden away and I would not have known about them without the search. They were the reason I had a balance in one of my old accounts. I found one, then searched and discovered about 10-12 more), but I did not think to use it as you suggested. ...
    The orphaned transaction problem was supposedly fixed. If you found some, that means there is still a problem with the converter. Can you share more on what you found? Please read the following thread and if you found circumstances that are not covered by that thread, I will have it re-opened so you can add your info there (to keep it all in one place) and then have the developers look into this further...
    QMac: Orphan Transfers
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    This is what I found re: orphans. About 99% of my transactions came through OK, but one account had 15 orphans. They were all Dividends in an investment account. Weirdly, they were duplicates of other transactions that seemed to come through OK. These duplicates caused the balance to be incorrect of course. I simply deleted all of the orphans and the account reconciled OK and the balance was zero (the account was closed).

    The second group of orphans were deductions from my pay that were to be transferred to different accounts. To explain, In my checking account, my direct deposit transaction showed deductions for taxes, 401k, etc. About 5 of these had orphans for some reason. They were all deductions that were to be transferred into investment accounts. Again, about 95% came through OK, but 4 or 5 of them did not. They were a bit harder to sort out, as they were not duplicates but just missing transfers. Figuring out where they were supposed to be transferred was tricky, but I eventually solved the mysteries.

    I hope this helps. My intuition is that it was more likely some blip in the old data rather than a generic import problem, but the first one I described seemed more general in nature, as all of the transactions in that instance (only in that one account, btw) had errors.

    I wanted to mention another glitch I found yesterday. I was setting up a budget. Quicken seems to have used the current year's information (though I did not choose that option, it just populated the budget as soon as I choose "new budget". In any event, it auto-populated the total from sub-categories. But as it turns out, as I changed the sub-category budget amounts, the totals did not change. The auto-populated totals did not recalculate. I had to delete the totals or subtotals, then tab out of the field, then they would recalculate. This was opaque to me until I saw that my budget totals were all out of whack and I added some of the totals manually to see that they were wrong.

    Just thought I'd add that issue too.
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    @glennmacc Regarding the budget issue you brought up, I haven't had time to try to replicate what you're describing, but you might want to report this using the Report a Problem selection on the Help menu. If you can describe it such that a Quicken representative can reproduce buggy behavior, it gets passed to the development team. (But you don't get any acknowledgement or communication when you submit such a report.) Posting a bug or problem in a long thread like this one -- and most threads on this site, actually -- is unlikely to ever be read by someone on the development team.
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