Add ability to customize the asset class menu (37 Legacy Votes)



  • Stephen Fisher
    Stephen Fisher Member ✭✭✭
    Chris_QPW said:
    I don't understand why this issue isn't a priority. They add useless features no one needs.
    I have yet to see any of Quicken Mac features added that "useless".  They all seem to be "vital" to one person or another.  You just expect that your priorities should override everyone else's.
    I disagree. For example they make a big deal out of a green button added  to remove filters when there was already an x in the entry field to do the same job.  Meanwhile, they sell a “Canadian” version that does not allow us to calculate our capital gains according to Canadian law. For us that is not a priority, it is an error. And there are other actual errors that they do not address in all versions. 
  • DFRI
    DFRI Member ✭✭
    Or a user-customizable notes field that we can put what we want in.
  • Darran_AUS
    Darran_AUS Member ✭✭
    Definitely need ability to add own custom asset classes. The current 7 options do not allow enough distinction between asset exposure, especially considering many investments are held across multiple assets (listed property, unlisted property, ethical investments, etc etc).
  • Mike805
    Mike805 Member ✭✭

    I agree, we've been asking for this for years!!!!!