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Apple pay transactions should be brought into quicken app in lieu of having to manually key them into the app Then the apple pay transactions would be matched with downloaded credit card transactions in the desktop Quicken just like transactions manually entered into the Quicken app. I hope the Quicken folks incorporate this functionality into the mobile app and hope that the process of having the Quicken app and Apple Pay to each other is not an big deal.
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  • RobW
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    I wholeheartedly agree! Every time I use Apple Pay, I wonder why this couldn't be done. I believe Apple has opened Wallet to developers...
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    I recently started using Apple Pay more and had the same thought... why not just push that to Quicken mobile on my iPhone?  It would be a great feature to add.
  • mkennon
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    I use Apple Pay almost everyday and get very annoyed when I have to hand key transactions into Quicken mobile. Seems like a no brained to integrate Apple Pay notifications with Quicken Mobile.
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    Hello All,

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  • It might be wishful thinking, but I would love to see this feature implemented, especially since Apple Card doesn’t support automatic transaction downloading via Direct Connect or Quicken Connect (Express Web Connect on Quicken Windows). You have to export a QFX file once a month and import via Web Connect. If the Quicken mobile app could detect when Apple Pay had been used and allow you to quickly record the transaction (with the app pulling payee, date and amount info automatically), it would make it easier to keep Apple Card transactions up to date until the end of the month when you export/import a QFX file, which would then match to all the transactions created by Quicken detecting the use of Apple Pay.

    My example scenario above specifically relates to using Apple Card with Apple Pay, but it could work with any credit/debit card that can be used with Apple Pay. 
  • mkennon
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    This is a no brained to me. It would provide a nice integration with the Apple ecosystem.