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If you would like to see any of these ideas for enhancement made in a future version of Quicken please vote! Review all the Idea posts and vote. Add your own comments and suggestions.
Click the "Up" triangle under the voting count in the big blue box at the top of this webpage. Wait a moment for the vote count to be registered and updated before you go on.
If you later change your mind, click the "Up" arrow again to remove your vote.

Your vote matters. The software developers at Quicken review these posts and decide if they should be implemented in a future version of Quicken.

Vote counts from the previous version of this forum have been lost. Please vote again!

To see a list of all posted Ideas, locate the Product Ideas - Quicken for Windows subcategory under the Quicken for Windows main category.
For Mac ideas go to the Product Ideas - Quicken for Mac subcategory under Quicken for Mac
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