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When you set up, or edit, an Income item in Bills & Income both memos and tags can be added. Yet these cannot be shown as columns. For my Income it would help me to be able to see the Memo field to distinguish some income from the same Payee. Seems simple to add these as options.

Also, I don't know what "Type" refers to. None of my Income or Payees have a Type so I don't know where this would have been added. Under Payees I see only one old payee (that is no longer listed in Bills) that I haven't paid since 2017 that has a green circle with a $ sign in the Type column. No idea why this has a symbol since there are other Payees without this symbol that I don't think differ in how they are set up. Looking back I see that the last two times I paid it instead of writing a check I set up a one-time direct withdrawal from my checking, but again, there are other accounts where I do this.

This raises one more question: Why are there old Payees listed that are no longer scheduled and are not in Bills or in Income? Shouldn't they disappear when I delete a series?

QM 2019 5.10.1.

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  • UKR
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    Payees do not disappear from the Payee List for as long as you have transactions in your account registers using said Payee Name.
    If you have multiple scheduled transactions for the same Payee, but for different uses, I recommend you use distinct Payee Names, e.g.
    • Safeway - Groceries
    • Safeway - Gasoline
    • or
    • Acme Inc. - Paycheck
    • Acme Inc. - Bonus pay
  • RCinNJ
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    edited February 2019
    UKR thanks for your response. However, I believe you are talking about Window>Payees. These payees indeed never disappear.

    I'm talking about the Payees shown under Bills & Income > Payees. Here I see only 2 payees for accounts where I have removed them from Bills & Income > Bills. There are many other former scheduled payees that I have eliminated over the years that don't appear here. I don't know how to remove these two. I looked at the last payments for both and they are definitely no longer scheduled.
  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta

    I just converted my Quicken for Mac 2007 data file to Quicken for Mac 2019.

    But now, I no longer can find where all of my scheduled transactions are listed!

    In Quicken for Mac 2007, there was a clearly-defined "Scheduled Transactions" window. Where is this window in Quicken for Mac 2019?

    And how can I see all of my upcoming scheduled transactions — regardless of which account they are scheduled for — in Quicken for Mac 2019?

  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
    edited November 2019
     I discovered that the screen "Bills & Income > Bills > All Bills > Next One Due" gives me the list that I’m looking for. Although it would be really nice if this new Quicken showed us on this very screen what the FREQUENCY of the scheduled bill is (monthly, weekly, annually, custom).
  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
    edited November 2019
    On the screen located at "Bills & Income > Bills > All Bills > Next One Due", we need an extra column for SCHEDULED FREQUENCY.

    In this new SCHEDULED FREQUENCY column, it would show "weekly" or "monthly" or "annually" or "custom" or whatever.

    In the old Quicken 2007, this column existed, and it made it extremely easy for us to see at-a-glance how frequently our different bills are occurring.

    But now, in the new Quicken 2019, we are forced to manually edit each transaction one-at-a-time — just to see what its scheduled frequency is! This is very inconvenient, and it also gives us a lesser sense of control over our own upcoming bills!

  • Would be nice to have the option to show the Account that the bill/income is to be applied to.
  • 19de4bs69
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    I differentiate between my "bills" (mortgage, utilities, etc.) and recurring charges (netflix, equifax, etc.). It would be great if in the Bills and Income Tab if I could sort between bills, charges, and income. It is really just an additional category. Additionally, on this tab, adding accounts as a column would be a huge help!
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  • smayer97
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    Yes needed... especially frequency, memo, and indication of whether this auto enters into register or not.

    The latter is achieved in QM2007 by using italics for the amount indicating it is not automatically entered, vs regular font for when it is.
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