Converting Mac 2007 to 2016 File Errors

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  • Even with Quicken support, I am unable to open any 2007 files in 2016.  When I try to convert the file with the entire "new", "from 2007",  the conversion gets to a certain port and then says "cannot import the file".  Can anyone give me any insights? I've rebooted, reinstalled, tried backup files, and Quicken support can't help.
  • smayer97
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    Don't know what support directed you to try and not saying that the following will help but have you tried re-indexing your data file before migrating?
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  • jacobs
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    Reindex: open the Accounts window and then simultaneously press the Command, Option and B keys on the keyboard.
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  • I was having the same problem trying to convert Mac 2007 to Mac 2017.  I kept getting an error message.  I finally went to my 2007 Quicken and did a "save a copy."  It will ask you what dates you would like to save.  Mine started in 10/31/96.  Then I reinstalled Quicken 2017 and used that "saved copy" to importing into Quicken 2017.  It took a while, but it worked!  Good luck
  • Quicken Harold
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    Hi Maryshka. Just a thought to consider...

    You could also do a Backup to Disk (File > Backup to Disk) and save the complete .QDFM file onto your Desktop or Documents folder.  Then I would go in and try importing this file into 2017. You would be able to have everything except for just a date period.

    Just my two cents.
    ~ Quicken Harold.
    Quicken Harold
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  • jacobs
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    @Quicken Harold Quicken 2007 Backup simply makes a copy of the data file, where Save a Copy rewrites the data file record by record, which clears up some file corruption problems that a simple backup will not. They're two different things. 
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