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I have multiple investment accounts, some brokerage and others retirement.  When I select the portfolio view, I get a nice aggregate view of the performance of all the securities in an account, a class of accounts (brokerage or retirement), or all investments.  I would really like to have a way to select one security, or ideally one or more securities, to graph from the securities currently being aggregated.  This feature would be far more convenient and powerful than using the Security Overview button that jumps out of Quicken to a Web page that focuses on a single security.
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  • Stephen Fisher
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    No kidding. QM offers no granularity less than an entire account. Yesterday I added tags to every transaction - big job btw - so I could do exactly what you want, select just certain securities or groups of them, like say preferreds, and get a report. No dice.  I posted a product improvement request several weeks ago asking that we be able to choose our own asset types or that they provide a much bigger selection. That would also achieve a lot of what you want. Please seek it out and vote for it. 
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    Graphical, Interactive, Individual Security Price History

    I keep waiting for an implementation of a graphical security price history interface, as was ALWAYS available, prior to and including Quicken version 2007. Only being able to see the roll-up of all securities in a Brokerage account is just NOT very satisfying, NOR is requiring the user to go through several clicks to see a web based interface with way more information than I'm looking for interactively. The user should be able to select any security they have a price history for, in the main interface without burrowing down, and see a graphical (not tabular) visual over time. Requiring the user to go out of Quicken to see data that's already in their individual database, in graphical form, is a bit arcane. I personally used this feature extensively in the older version of Quicken, and I keep waiting for this BASIC feature to be added back into the program. Since it doesn't appear to be forthcoming anytime soon, I figured I'd provide my "New/OLD Idea" into the mix.
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    I know, right? I used this feature all the time in and before QM 2007 and I miss it terribly. Please stop driving us to your website and let us have the graphic chart view we used to get when we clicked on a security.
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    jschaffe said:
    I would really like to have a way to select one security, or ideally one or more securities, to graph from the securities currently being aggregated.
    To summarize some of the deficiencies of the current graphing functionality:
    1. I can't view historical price information for securities that aren't published publicly, such as my company's 401k private funds.
    2. I can't view my personal performance/balance on a single security.  I want to see my balance and have it show correctly when I added or sold some shares
    3. I want to be able to see simply the share price over time or my balance over time for a single security.
    4. I want to be able to select two or more securities from my portfolio and see their combined balance over time, preferably using a multicolor area graph.
    5. In an advanced version, I'd like to select securities from different accounts (e.g. my 401k and my wife's IRA) and view the combined balance as above.
    6. The security overview is distracting and inconvenient, since I have to leave the Quicken environment and return to it when I'm done.  
    7. I don't want to lose the current Overview feature, but I need more.
    I hope this reflects most of what other folks are looking for as well.  There are multiple ways of implementing this, but I think this feature set is necessary, valuable, and important.
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    Still year later.

    As Jschaffe mentions, a significant portion of investment data IS NOT available via the web. If this is supposed to be software that allows the user to track investments, and not just pay bills and build fancy reports that look nice, add this feature...PLEASE.

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    This is ridiculous that we cant use a feature that was used by myself and others in a 13 year old + version! FIX IT!