Converting from Windows to Mac - Attachments do not Copy

When you convert from the Windows version Quicken 2019 Deluxe, to the Mac Version 2019 Deluxe, your transaction and account attachments do not follow. You would think after the amount of time they have developed for both platforms that this would have been long resolved. I run Windows in Parallels for Quicken, I would really like to switch and simplify, but it appears I will have to keep windows to have access to over 10+ years of attachments.

In addition why is it so hard to find a document that shows the features comparison between the two supposedly identical versions? For instance I found out immediately that I cannot attach a document like a statement to an account in the Mac version.


  • Concordman
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    which accounts are you referring to? I recall when converting from QW13 to QM16 all my cash accounts came over properly..for the most part. I do not that attachments do not carry over. 

    now investment accounts..that is a whole different animal so which type accounts are we talking about
  • smayer97
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    BTW, work-around to attach documents to an account is to attach them to a specific transaction. You could create a dedicated "transaction" just for those too.

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  • jacobs
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    rdecorby said:
    why is it so hard to find a document that shows the features comparison between the two supposedly identical versions?
    I'm guessing it's because there are literally hundreds of features -- each important to some users -- and the marketing people believe simpler better. (I'm not saying that's good, just likely why.)

    One of the facts obscured by Quicken's marketing: no one actually claims the Mac and Windows versions are nearly identical; they're definitively not.

    A quick search of this forum will lead you to lots of threads about difference between Quicken Mac and Windows. This one particularly tries to encapsulate many of the obstacles facing migrators...
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