Daily Interval Graph for Net Worth and Portfolio

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  • david.casper
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    [removed] I think it would be good if they could enhance their product to provide a graph with daily interval for both Net worth and Portfolio values. For me just the last seven days would be very useful, bout others might want a bit more.
  • bkinva
    bkinva Member ✭✭
    This would be immensely useful. I monitor my portfolio value daily and being able to report on and export that data would enable insights into daily, weekly, and other periods of trends, highs, lows, etc. It actually seems like an oversight that this data, although stored within the Quicken database, is not accessible via Reports.
  • jim1762
    jim1762 Member
    This would be extremely valuable to me. A visual of how my investments are doing over time is available on pretty much every other financial tool I use. It should be embarrassing to Quicken that they collect that information, but refuse to allow it to be presented in a manner that gives a quick visual look at performance. And I can tell from searching this topic that Quicken users have been asking for this for years. The bars on the graphs are really clunky and very old school. Simple line graphs would be much more useful and easier to use. If you need an example, simply go online and look at how everyone else does it. C'mon, Quicken, I've been using you since the 80's. You're better than this!
  • RCooper
    RCooper Member
    Definitely a good idea and would be very useful. Only current option is to use "custom dates" to search for a specific date, one date at a time. I personally want to see daily trends and variations in my network and investment portfolios. Can't imagine why it hasn't been implemented to date. Possibly it would tax computing resources if "daily" and "all dates" were selected at the same time. This could be resolved with a few lines of code that warns the user to "go get a cup of coffee" and gives the option to change selections before proceeding
  • jrbrett
    jrbrett Member ✭✭
    Daily P&L and NAV histories are standard portfolio reporting features In the Real World, and in other tools and systems. It is not only useful, it is necessary in order for Quicken to maintain a competitive product. You store the price histories, you store the buy/sell prices, you store the cash inflows/outflows. This isn't any harder to do daily than the oddball "Weekly" or "Every Two Weeks" choices you have limited us to. Currently, the only way to check day-over-day returns is to *keep changing the date in the dropdown calendar* under investments and write down (since I can't cut and paste) the values. That is... silly.
  • newsmorgan
    newsmorgan Member
    Since we are able to click on any portfolio in investments and see a daily graph of portfolio gains, it would be immensely helpful to click on "Net Worth" at bottom and get a similar graph. The graphs we can generate in reports in Net Worth Over Time only update monthly. To get the granularity of daily net worth changes -- and in a one click place (clicking Net Worth at bottom of main screen) would be a wonderful addition. Very useful to me daily. Thank you.
  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello All,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback on this idea. 

    The new Dashboard view introduced in the R35.23 release of Quicken does include new financial snapshots and graph data for Investment Top Movers and Portfolio Performance.

    Do these new views fulfill the request and needs expressed here?

    Please let us know, thank you.

  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Note also that the Net Worth report also now has a "Day" interval available, as requested in this Idea.

    Thanks, Quicken!


    The Net Worth report still has a limit of 250 columns.

    The graph is still 0 based, so unless there are extreme market swings, it is hard to see changes over short intervals. 
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  • bkinva
    bkinva Member ✭✭
    Greatly appreciated; thank you.
  • DJWilcox
    DJWilcox Member
    For some reason I don't have "Day interval" available on R34.24 Build . Which version/build was this option added to?
  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The Day interval was introduced in R35.23. The automatic update has been paused pending resolution of some unrelated problems but you can download the latest "Mondo patch" here

    Some people like to wait ...
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