Remove closed accounts from the Bill and Income Reminders window account dropdown list

When I open new accounts they show up in the "For Account" drop down list on the "Bill and Income Reminders" window.  However, when I close old accounts they never go away.  I have hidden and closed the accounts in Tools>Manage Hidden Accounts.  Over the years as I've added new accounts this drop down list is getting very cluttered...showing some accounts I have closed 15-20 years ago.

I tried a chat with the Quicken help desk and they determined there is no way to remove the hidden/closed accounts from that list.

When I asked if they could get input to the development team they said they didn't have way to do that and directed me to the Quicken Community to try suggesting here.

This seems like a simple fix and has been a frustation for 20 years...hopefully the Quicken developers can fix this bug.
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  • UKR
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    Depending on the Quicken version you are currently using ... you are right. Account registers marked "closed" or "hide in transaction entry lists" should not appear in any account selection list either.
    Until the programmers get around to fixing it in the current (2019) or a future version of Quicken I recommend you do this:
    Rename each closed account and add a "~"(tilde) or "zz" to the start of the account name, e.g., rename "ABC Checking" to "~ABC Checking".
    This sorts each closed account to the bottom of any alphabetically sorted selection list and makes it less likely to get selected by mistake.

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  • mshiggins
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    From C. D. Bales:
    "When I open new accounts they show up in the "For Account" drop down list on the "Bill and Income Reminders" window.  However, when I close old accounts they never go away."

    As I understand your statement, I can find no evidence of your claim.

    Assuming the "Bill and Income Reminders" window is what you see when you go to Tools > Manage Bill & Income Reminders; I do not see any closed account in the "From Account" or "To Account" dropdowns for adding a new Reminder (Income, Bill, or Transfer) or Editing an existing Reminder. [I couldn't locate a "For Account" dropdown.]

    If you are referring to some other "dropdown list", please explain exactly how you get to that dropdown.

    When you close an account, Quicken puts a check mark in the "Hide in transaction entry lists" box (and only that "Display Options" box). In my tests. Whenever that box is checked (by closing an account, or keeping the account open and manually checking the box), the account does not appear in any Manage Bill and Income Reminders dropdown, nor in the Account dropdown in the All Accounts pseudo register.

    I do see closed accounts in the Spending Tab account dropdown, and in the option to select accounts for a Budget - but once I elect to "Keep This Account Separate", the account does not appear in either of those places.

    "Over the years as I've added new accounts this drop down list is getting very cluttered...showing some accounts I have closed 15-20 years ago."

    The ability to "close" Quicken accounts did not exist before Q2013. Neither did the separate option to "Hide in transaction entry lists".

    But, while you could not "close" a Quicken account prior to Q2013; in Q2012, you could keep an account from appearing in "transaction entry lists" by choosing "Hide this account in Quicken (lists, menus, reports)". When that option was checked, the account did not appear in Account "transaction entry lists" (either in Manage Bill and Income Reminders, or in the Account dropdown in the All Transactions pseudo-register, or in the account dropdown on the Spending tab. 

    [Q2019 R18.16 and Q2012 R7]

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  • Craig I
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    Thank you UKR...cleaver workaround until it gets fixed
  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello All,

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