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I've mentioned this in other sections, but not in this ideas section. So here's hoping...
Please, after decades, can we not re-size the Customize window for a report? The worst part is the Categories tab in that window (where to maximize frustration, at least 20% of the real estate is utterly wasted), but just re-sizing the window itself would help.
Ditto for the Split Transactions window.
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  • Chaimlavan
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    When those of us with older and/or weaker eyes set our monitors for larger print, it means that window for bill reminders and downloads make it impossible to see and checks on the main display. it could be solved by allowing us to size those windows not a difficult fix.This is an ADA issue.
  • Jim_Harman
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    To illustrate this problem, which Category do I select to get my Employer contribution and not my spouse's?

    You can hover over the category to see the full name, but it would sure be nice if they just made the Select categories box and selection list wider, using up the wasted space at the right.
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  • Brian Biggs
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    Upvoted this one. Especially the ability to re-size the Split Transaction window. Maybe even change the default size when it opens, remembering what you set it to last time? So we can actually see all the text for long memos and long category names.

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  • Phil Burton
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    A lot of the Windows are not expandable, e.g. the Customize windows in reports. Make them expandable in both directions.
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  • evilknieval
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    The lifetime planner Assumptions input  is another great example-tiny text and a tiny window. Horrifically designed.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    This is still needed and often requested. Also there are several related open Idea posts on this issue

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Yes, this should be implemented.

    I know it's not easy, having worked on window-based systems myself. If the window can be resized, it creates the new problem of how its contents react to the resizing. Some contents should be resized and some may not need to be. In Jim's example above, stretching the window in either direction should enlarge the Select Categories box, but the Matching box doesn't need to change size. Now multiply this by all the currently non-resizable windows in QWin and it is indeed a sizable task.

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  • Cheems
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    I came here specifically to request this and found a LOT of un-linked discussions that were similar.

    @Rocket J Squirrel Honestly, it wasn't easy in the 90's. It's trivial now.

  • HardRightEdge
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    This seems to have died on the vine but I'd comment that @Rocket J Squirrel's observation didn't make much sense regardless of difficulty. Who cares if the Matching box were to grow larger than needed? In fact, if all implementations are the same as mine (most current Quicken version on Win 11), you cannot do ANYTHING else in Quicken when any of the various customization screens are displayed—you might as well just pop all of them in full screen mode if that helps.

  • Ldtaylor
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    Please implement the opportunity to size/scale the Quicken window (zoom tool in browser window). Chrome is ready, Quicken should be ready to step up and make this possible Thank you.

  • Jim_Harman
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  • bessymjm
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    This enhancement should really be an update of the entire Windowing UI in Quicken. There should be ability to open multiple subwindows, dock and undock the registers for different accounts, dock and undock downloaded transactions, etc.

    The issue that brought me here. I download transactions for my accounts periodically, and typically get quite a long list. The current UI lets me resize the split between the register and downloaded transactions, but it does not grow the list of transactions in doing so, making the resize utterly useless. I can only see 4 downloaded transactions at a time. I often have far more than 4 transactions.

    Most users have large screens or multiple monitors. We expect to be able to leverage that space to better use your tool.