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FAQ: What Information Syncs with the Quicken Cloud for Mobile/Web Apps

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What is the Quicken Cloud?

The Quicken Cloud is a utility that transmits parts of your Quicken Data File information between the Quicken Desktop Software and the Mobile/Web Apps. 

The Quicken Cloud also facilitates the use of Online Services such as, eBillers/Online Billers, Investment Quote Updates, Credit Score Updates and more.

How Do I Create a Cloud Account?

 A cloud account is automatically created for you when signing into your Quicken ID to register a new or existing Quicken Data File.

 A Cloud account is required to be created, however, no account or transaction data is transmitted to the Quicken Cloud, unless the Mobile Sync feature is activated and accounts are selected to sync with the Quicken Cloud. 

 **PLEASE NOTE** The Quicken Cloud does not create or store a back-up copy of your Quicken Data File and cannot be used to restore lost or damaged data files.**


What Information Can Sync with the Cloud to View/Edit in the Mobile/Web Apps

When activating Mobile & Web Sync for the first time, you will be asked to select which accounts you would like to view on the Apps, but you may notice that not all of your accounts are available to be added for syncing.

Why would an account not be available to sync?

The Mobile & Web Apps are companion apps that work in conjunction with the Quicken desktop software and not all features/functionality available in the desktop software are available in the Mobile/Web Apps.

  • Account Types Available to Sync: Banking, Investment, Invoice, Asset, Liability
  • Transaction Types That Can Be Created in the Mobile/Web Apps: Expenses/Income/Transfers
  • Transfer Transactions entered or downloaded to the Desktop Software can be synced for view, edit or deletion in the Apps.
  • All created Budgets – Last Viewed Budget in the desktop software is the budget shown in the Mobile/Web Apps by default.
  • Investment Data – Brokerage, IRA & 401K account Holdings Data and Watch List.   
  • Savings Goals
  • Payee, Category, Tags, Renaming Rules and Security Lists
  • Transaction Attachments
  • Bill/Income/Transfer Scheduled Transaction Reminders


What Information Does Not Sync with the Cloud to View/Edit in the Mobile/Web Apps

  • Investment Transactions
  • Business Accounts
  • Reports
  • Windows Planning Tools such as Debt Reduction, Lifetime Planner, Tax Center and Savings Goals
  • Net Worth
  • Credit Score
  • Account Attachments

We are working to add new features/functionalities to the Mobile/Web Apps all the time and encourage Users to submit feedback or new feature/functionalities via the Mobile/Web Apps or by posting a new Idea in the Community.

(More information about Idea posts, how to find existing or create new Idea posts is available here


Can I download transactions and update account information from the Mobile/Web Apps?

When selecting Accounts to sync with the Quicken Cloud you may notice that if the Account is active for downloading transactions from the financial institution, the login credentials for the account are required during setup.

 This is because when the App data refreshes, the App automatically connects with your financial institution to download any new, not-synced transactions, ensuring you always have the most up to date information.

What Features/Functions can I perform in the Mobile/Web Apps?

Dashboard Overviews

  • Recent Transactions
  • Month to Date of Top Spending Categories
  • Top Payees & Spending Categories This Month
  • Monthly View of Budgets
  • Spending Over Time & Net Income Over Time
  • Investment Summary & Investment Top Movers
  • Customize Dashboard View (Web App Only)

Available Tabs/Options/Selections/Functions/Features

  • Add, Edit, Delete Transactions (except Business Account Transactions)
  • Spending Tab
  • All Budgets
  • Net Income Last 6 Months
  • All Investment Holdings Data


Manage (Web App Only)

  • Manage Quicken ID Profile and Subscription Details: address/phone and current subscription plan details.
  • View and Change Account Names

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