I would like to see some online tutorials for common questions. For example, every time my credit card number is compromised (2-3 times/year unfortunately), I have to call tech support and talk to somebody on how to change my account number without losing all my history. The procedure is simple, but can't be found online. I can't be the only one who has this problem.

Another tutorial would be on how to reconcile your accounts. There's a procedure in the program, but it's never obvious to me how to use it. I just cancel out and do it manually.

Tutorials should be indexed and easy to find somewhere.
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This information is already offered and available via Quicken in-product Help (Help > Quicken Help); the Quicken Support Help Articles, Community FAQ's and the Quicken YouTube channel video tutorials.


  • NotACPA
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    Have you tried looking in Quicken HELP (F1) or searching at the top of this forum for "FAQ" (without the quotes),  OR simply asking a question here.
    There's little that hasn't been written about before ... if you just do a bit of looking.
    AND, why do you have to call Tech Support to change an account number? I can't even count the number of times that question has been asked here.

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  • jacobs
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    While I agree with @NotACPA that there are often other places to find answers to common questions/problems, finding the right answers at times can be daunting, and I think Bob's idea of a series of official "How to…"-type tutorials could be beneficial to users. In an era when software manuals have almost universally disappeared, having different places to learn how to use a complex program can only be a good thing.

    Bob, you might check YouTube for a number of videos Quicken has on various topics. I think they should do more of these, taking user suggesitons like yours, as well as stats from their call centers about the top areas of confusion, to guide the topics they produce.
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    While reading this thread, I can see on the left that there are 139 FAQ posts. Check ‘em out. I found the Reconciliation tutorial on the second page of that list.


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    BTW, which specific version are you using? 

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    @jacobs said "I think they should do more of these, taking user suggestions like yours, as well as stats from their call centers about the top areas of confusion, to guide the topics they produce."
    @Bob Trammel We listened. And acted on some suggestions. 
    The in-product help has been/is being actively updated. F1, Tips & Tutorials tab, Community posts and the Quicken YouTube Channel have all been updated, and we continue to update and provide additional help, tutorials and videos. 
    I just wanted to update an older thread to let people know that we really do listen, and we hope you have found the updated information useful and productive.
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