Does MAC version of Quicken autofill past payees? Can it "FIND" a previous transaction?

Does the latest MAC version autofill past payees? Does it have a FIND function to, say, find and list all transactions with a given payee?

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  • On my previous 2010 version I just converted from, if I put in the payee, it auto filled the most recent transaction for that payee into the register. All I had to do is change the date and amount. Great for putting in my every month payments, such as electric company. Also, I could use "FIND" to find a transaction from the past (e.g., a subscription), copy it and paste it into the register. Very helpful! So... Im wondering if the MAC version is just not as robust as the PC version or if you now also can't do that with the latest PC version.
  • Thanks! Very helpful. One more (maybe) question: in my old QWIN program, I had a popup menu where I could select "next check no.", Dep, txfr, etc. I assume that is not in QMAC?
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    You can get the next check number by pressing "+" in the check number column.

    The Check Number column is restricted to numbers. Other labels can be entered in the Action column. (You make columns visible by clicking on the Columns icon on the bottom right toolbar.) Actions are purely cosmetic and for your optional use; they have no meaning or use by the program itself. 
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