Quicken Mac should automatically update Quicken Mobile — and vice versa!

When trying to synchronize transactions between Quicken Mac and Quicken Mobile, we are typically required to MANUALLY click on the "Update All Online Accounts" button in Quicken Mac. But this should be an AUTOMATIC function!

The "Update All Online Accounts" button only refreshes itself automatically when we launch Quicken Mac, but it would be awesome if the "Update All Online Accounts" button automatically updated under these 2 circumstances:

1. After we type in new transactions in Quicken Mac, the "Update All Online Accounts" should automatically update in order to send those new transactions to Quicken Mobile.

2. After a new transaction is typed into Quicken Mobile and updates the Quicken cloud, the "Update All Online Accounts" in Quicken Mac should automatically update itself so that new Quicken Mobile transactions are put into Quicken Mac.

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  • pliu
    pliu Member
    As for #1, it is a great idea. Also, I would like option to turn off "Update All Online Account" each time we type in new transaction. If I am working on a lot of transaction, I would like it to hold on the update until I am done. Having that keep on running might slow down the system since I am still making changes. Unless Quicken implemented this in a way that won't pause/stuck/slow down/corrupt data in anyway.

    #2, same idea.

    In addition to those 2 circumstances, I would like Quicken to be updated daily or by scheduling option (like twice a day) of some sort by itself without any interaction, like opening Quicken or using it. So, if I didn't use it for 1 week while traveling, it will still be up-to-day (within hours, rather than 1 whole week).
  • MplsP
    MplsP Member ✭✭
    Totally agree - every other financial software I have used would at the very minimum update when you opened the program. Having no way to schedule auto updates is a big miss, IMO.
  • jdpmus
    jdpmus Member
    This should be a standard feature at best. Why the foot-dragging?