How to add deposits in Quicken for Mac 2019

This was an easy task in Quicken 2007. Tried following the directions, but it still minuses the deposit instead of adding it.


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    What directions did you follow? Did you try typing a plus sign (+) before the amount in the Amount column?
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    Alternatively, instead of using the single, signed Amount column, you might prefer to have two columns: Payment and Deposit. (Click on Columns in the bottom toolbar, click on Amount to uncheck it and click on both Payment and Deposit to check them). The result is that you have separate columns for money in and out. Although it uses a little more screen space, I prefer this so I don't have to even think about + or – signs in the single column.

    (Note that you can do this on a register-by-register basis, so you might have the two columns for your checking account, but a single Amount column in a credit card account where almost everything your entering is an expense. Also note that if you want the money in/money out columns, they have different names in different account registers. In checking, it's Payment and Deposit; in a credit card account, it's Charge and Payment; in a savings account it's Deposit and Withdrawal.)
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    As a segue from that, Meanwhile, you can add your VOTE to Ability to Set Default Columns, Sort and Sizes to Account Registers.

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