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Add Ability to Set Default Columns, Sort and Sizes to Registers (125 Legacy/Merged Votes)

smayer97 SuperUser, Mac Beta, Canada Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
edited July 2020 in Display/UI (Mac)
It would be extremely helpful and a real time saver to have the ability to define global default settings for columns names, order and column widths with the following features:

- provide ability to define columns selection, order and column widths for each type of account.

- include with these settings ability to preserve Sort Order

(Consider using equivalent column names for different account types, e.g. if set to show credit and debit columns for credit cards, use equivalent payment and deposit columns for bank. This will minimize the number of separate default settings needed)

- continue to provide ability to override settings on an individual account register basis

- provide ability to apply/re-apply default settings to existing account

- provide ability to apply settings to all (or maybe a variation to allow the user to select which accounts to apply settings, to select anywhere from 1 to all accounts)

- provide a reset to Quicken Defaults

In case it is not clear, should be available for investment accounts too.


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P.S. I have over 180 accounts, about 90 active, about 90 hidden, so this would be extremely helpful.

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