Bank of America Issues...OL-393-A 2/28/20

Saw this alert at Quicken Support website....

NEW 2/27 Bank of America Returns OL 220-A/301-A/362-A /393-A/297-A Errors

If a Quicken moderator is reading this Post...since thae Post alerting users of this problem cannot be added to...I want to add the Following:

I contacted BofA about this issue yesterday; they denied they were having any Q Issues.

What I have expereinced is the OL-393-A error since 2/27/20....

All my BofA Payees in Quicken now show Lead time 4 and 5 days...where as before this issue they were 1 Day.

I cannot Uplload in a Direct Connect with BofA a Payment

I seem to be able to Upload a Transfers...and I think I get all or some Transactions Downloads.

When I created a NEW BofA Test File...same issues of course exists...but None of my Online payees are downloaded into my Payee List; or in otherwrods, my NEW file shows I have No Online is Blank

Issues like this really frustrate me. When I called BofA; I got there were No Issues. When I chatted with Q Support I got there were No Issues. This kind of Communications leaves users frustrated and somewhat thinking that they should just drop Quicken altogether, in fact, I am sure some users do reach that conclusion. Q needs to be more responsive...when I called and spoke to a Q Phone support agent late in the day yesterday...that agent didn't know or decided not to inform me of issues...they had me re-do some trouble shooting steps I had already preformed. Than after no sucess they wanted logs from me...for Security reasons I will never send is not about trust or respect, it is about be certain my Financial information somehow gets exposed. When I refused sending the logs the Q agent placed me on Hold and when he returned to the call he said Q had gotten numerious calls about connection issues with BofA...various Error codes one of which was OL-393-A and Q would be contacting BofA. Why didn't that Q agent have this Info when he answered the call?

So its now the 2nd day and I do not have use of Q connecting to BofA...and the more issues like this take place...and to get my Banking done....force me to go to the BofA Website to enter Transactions....the more it could convince me, and others, just to do Online banking at a banks Website...not good for Quicken. Please don't misread my Feedback...this appears not to be a Quicken caused event...or is it???but Q users need to be alerted more quiskly be it from Quicken or the bank...with issues like this...rather then I did from BofA there are No issues, or from Q...there a No issues.....

I should learn to displine myself a little better that in all the years I have been using Q to do online banking 18yrs now, 99% of the time connection issues ...I should just sit back and wait because eventually either the BofA or Q finds the Cause and it corrected....meaning, there is nothing wrong\causing it at my end.

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  • kma3211
    kma3211 Member
    I am having the same error code and issue with Bank of America. Nothing I've tried works. I have not changed any settings, account names - nothing. The same configuration that has worked for 2 years, just stopped working.
  • Same error here with BOFA also.. First time it did download a transaction even though I got the error. Now nothing although I know there is a transaction to download. Just get OL-393-A error only on BOFA
  • System
    System Member admin
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Wells Fargo bank error OL-393-A.
  • Plowboy50
    Plowboy50 Member ✭✭
    I had the same problem it started today it down loaded a transaction from one account the first time but got OL-393-A on all other accounts and now get OL-393-A on all accounts and nothing works, This started this morning
  • Plowboy50
    Plowboy50 Member ✭✭
    > @Plowboy50 said:
    > I had the same problem it started today it down loaded a transaction from one account the first time but got OL-393-A on all other accounts and now get OL-393-A on all accounts Bank of America accounts nothing works, This started this morning. All other accounts work ok

  • Joseph Witkin
    Joseph Witkin Member ✭✭✭
    Same here.
  • sonomaron
    sonomaron Member ✭✭✭
    Same here. On all checking and credit card accounts.
  • Chris25
    Chris25 Member ✭✭
    Any solutions?
  • Chris25
    Chris25 Member ✭✭
    Now it say quicken online services unavailable wait ten minutes and try again, the wait doesn't help.
  • Plowboy50
    Plowboy50 Member ✭✭
    I wonder when Quicken will respond to this problem and fix it
  • arn
    arn Member ✭✭
    Had this same error message with Morgan Stanley last week, Win 10. This issue was recently resolved this Monday. The same, nothing was changed in Quicken or with account with Morgan Stanley online
  • rich5
    rich5 Member ✭✭
    I have the same issue. This is absolutely ridiculous. Last week - it was this same issue with Morgan Stanley. It took 3 days to get Quicken to resolve their problem.

    Now it is with BofA. What is going on with Quicken? They are making some sort of coding change effecting the ability to interface with financial institutions. This is terrible. Has anyone found a work around?
  • Alan2
    Alan2 Member ✭✭
    I have had the same error message now for 2 days in a row. Something weird happened today. I received the same error message but all the new transactions were still downloaded. I have no idea what is going on.
    Go Figure???
  • Joseph Witkin
    Joseph Witkin Member ✭✭✭
    Yes, unusual for error to last so long without fix. This morning also seems to have downloaded new transactions despite still reporting error OL-393A. Hopefully accepting these transactions will not corrupt my Quicken file!
  • rgumpertz
    rgumpertz Member ✭✭✭✭
    Quicken is probably not to blame (directly at least) in this case.  It is my understanding that they contract with Intuit for account updates.  It is probably either BoA or Intuit that is at fault.  Sigh.
  • arn
    arn Member ✭✭
    Had a similar error with another financial institution and they said it had to do with a certificate on their end and not in Quicken and that is why it wasn't connecting. I had 3 accounts now in Quicken in the past 2 weeks that had errors connecting, 2 have been resolved
  • mvwabc
    mvwabc Member ✭✭✭
    Here is some information from my experience with B of A.

    I received the OL-393-A error code yesterday and again today on our accounts using the “Direct Connect” connection method and “Bank of America-All Other States” as the financial institution. However, the balances and transactions downloaded, so the problem seems to be an error code being given when there appears to be no error in downloading.

    We also have a set of accounts that use “Express Web Connect” connection method and “Bank of America – Quicken” as the financial institution. These accounts download fine without any error at this time. So, one might conclude that the non-error is associated with the connection method you use.

    The reason we use different connection methods is because B of A discontinued the “Direct Connect” method sometime back for new customers, but grandfathered in the people that had signed up before a certain date. My wife’s accounts got grandfathered and my accounts did not.

    So long as the information is downloading, I will not be making any changes to try to fix getting the error code. I wonder if B of A may now be trying to do away with "Direct Connect."
  • Plowboy50
    Plowboy50 Member ✭✭
    I have experience the same problem since yester day it seems like there problems keep coming up more and more in the last 6 month I have used quicken for over 3 years without any problem but now Windows 10 version is one problem after the other
  • E&OH
    E&OH Member ✭✭
    Like most companies, Quicken is ready, willing and able to offer subscriptions and pricing but slow as heck to COMMUNICATE & RESOLVE issues. If you're listening Quicken, how about a reply informing us about what is happening "behind the scenes" to resolve the issue. Heck go ahead and blame it on BOA....I really don't care.....say something! Terribly frustrating but so easy for them to communicate!
  • mvwabc
    mvwabc Member ✭✭✭
    E&OH, what connection method are you using? Are the balances and transactions downloading even though you are getting a error?

    Quicken Sarah did acknowledge the problem up above, and say it was being escalated. Not sure they can provide much more information than that.
  • steve88@
    [email protected] Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 2020
    I was on the phone with B of A today for about 45 minutes so they could verify the problem. I began experiencing OL-393-A around 2/27 and it still persisted today. I have three B of A accounts (checking, savings, credit card) and found that the checking account was the culprit - specifically the BILL PAY feature (checking is the only one with bill pay enabled). I noticed that all 3 accounts were downloading transactions correctly, but I was always getting error OL-393-A regardless. When I deactivated Bill Pay for the checking account earlier today, it stopped generating an error and the status was green after downloading instead of red. This is OK as a temporary workaround, but not permanent, as the bill pay feature is important to me.

    I then got on the phone with a B of A tech support person and they confirmed the following:

    - They have been able to duplicate the problem with myself and other users
    - It appears to be due to an update they made to their server earlier this week - it is NOT a problem with the user's Quicken installation or files
    - They are going to call me when the problem is resolved, since I have a ticket opened with their help desk, and it is their policy to call customers once a ticket is resolved.
    - They confirmed that the problem is not limited to a specific version of Quicken or platform (Mac and Win are both experiencing this); this is because it is a server-side problem and not the Quicken application itself.
  • I confirmed this issue today with a B of A technician. I called yesterday to open a ticket with them. They returned the call today as they were troubleshooting and have had this report from other customers.

    Root cause appears to be an update they applied to their server on 2/27 and it affects customers with accounts where "Bill Pay" is enabled in Quicken. I have 3 accounts with B of A (checking, savings, and credit card). When I turned off the Bill Pay feature in my checking account within Quicken, it started updating normally and I no longer receive error OL-393-A. However, it is only a temporary fix because I rely on the Bill Pay feature within Quicken.

    The B of A tech said he would call me when the issue is resolved, since I have a ticket # open with them on this issue.

    I am using QFW 2017, but the B of A tech confirmed this is a server issue, and thus affects all versions and platforms of Quicken.

    I will come back here and re-post once the issue is resolved and I get a callback from B of A.

  • denmarfl
    denmarfl Member ✭✭✭✭
    It unusual that you got to a BofA tech same time when you called in about the issue. I on the other hand called and got them to pass thru a ticket with a promise I should get a call back by Tuesday 3/3. Perhaps the difference, when you called they may have known of the issue, when I called I got a flat there were no Quicken issues at BofA. Wish I had gotten your response earlier, I called BofA late this afternoon, of course they acknowledge the issue...but the person I spoke with just wanted to be a good and loyal BofA employee and said they knew of issue but the cause was with Quicken. The person was unable to provide any time table for a Fix.

    I can confirm I am uploading and downloading Transactions....on each completed connection I get the OL-393-A error; just cannot upload a Bill Pay.
  • denmarfl
    denmarfl Member ✭✭✭✭
    Another issue that I see; OnLine Payees list in Quicken...whereas most are Electronic and showed Lead time as 1 day before this issue surfaced, now most show lead time of 4 days.....sure hope that gets corrected.
  • steve88@
    [email protected] Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 2020
    I did not get directly through to a B of A tech. It took about 24 hours before one called me back. I initially spoke yesterday with a customer service rep -- not a tech.

    Step 1: I called on 2/27 to report the issue. First to Quicken, and then to B of A. During the call to Quicken they looked at my log files and spotted an error involving an invalid token. They said that indicated a problem on the B of A side.

    Step 2: I then called B of A and talked to a customer service rep (not a tech) who opened a ticket for me but could not provide any meaningful assistance, nor could they confirm it was a problem on their side. They said it normally takes 4-5 business days for a return call from someone in tech support. I figured it would be next week before I heard anything, and I further assumed it was a problem on my end - not the bank's.

    Step 3: I was somewhat surprised when my phone rang today (1 day after opening ticket) and it was a B of A tech. About 4 days earlier than I was expecting. The conversation went something like this:

    - We are calling you back because others have reported this problem and we are working on it.
    - We suspect a server problem on our side, not a problem with Quicken.
    - We believe the issue is with bill pay; to validate, we'd like you to deactivate bill pay and then update while we are on the phone with you, and see if the error persists.
    - I did that, and the error disappeared.
    - The tech thanked me, said that confirmed the issue, said that they had duplicated this issue with other customers, and said that it definitely pointed to a problem with their server.
    - He said they had installed an update to their terms and conditions on their server on 2/26 or 2/27, and this appeared to be the root cause. I am not sure what that meant, but assume it involved some type of digital handshaking validation that occurs between Quicken and the B of A server when processing a bill pay instruction.
    - He said they were working on it diligently and he would call me back once they had resolved it fully. It would then be OK to turn bill pay back on again, and I would not get the OL-393-A error any more.

    I am not sure when I will get a callback, but I'll post here once that occurs. My guess is that it will be early next week.
  • denmarfl
    denmarfl Member ✭✭✭✭
    Thanks [email protected] I spoke with Quicken, after they had me do a few troubleshooting steps...they requested my Log Files...and I refused.  My Log went on forever, as I eyed it I saw Bank Names, Acct Numbers, UserID's....did not see any passwords....  For me that was a Stopper for me to send.  

    I would feel real good about this issue being completly resolved had your session with BofA looked at the Quicken Online Payee List to confirm what I see in my list, payees that were 1 day Lead time, most now show 4 Days lead I knew they were looking at this when resolving the Issue....  Hopefully that list will correct once the issue is fixed, and or, when I get my call by next Tuesday (3/3) I can point out that issue with the BofA tech.  
  • Linda
    Linda Member ✭✭
    I just deactivated my Bank of America- All Other States Direct Connect and reactivated the accounts with Bank of America- Quicken and Express Web Connect and it works! Thank you mvwabc!
  • rich5
    rich5 Member ✭✭
    After having worked so smoothly for so many years - to have this fail , first with Morgan Stanley and now with BofA says that Quicken is making some terrible coding decisions with the system. The company now charges much more for the subscription, and makes updates frequently. Not quality checking things that cause this degree of problems and frustrations is not up to the standards that Scott Cook originally set out for the company. Three days last week with Morgan Stanley, and now three days and counting with the largest bank in the world being down! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

    So, after reading the above from other users - not from QUICKEN SUPPORT - I deactivated all of my Bank of America- All Other States Direct Connect and reactivated all of the accounts with Bank of America- Quicken and Express Web Connect and it works! Why couldn't QUICKEN SUPPORT have figured this out and posted this solution?
  • Bill Blakey
    Bill Blakey Member ✭✭
    Same here for a few days now, tried things to fix/reset like others here on this discussion. I seem to be receiving downloads, but cannot make online payments. ugh.

    Quicken Support, any updates since your original acknowledgement of the issue?
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