Bank of America Issues...OL-393-A 2/28/20



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    bobnlou, I guess that the moderators of this board delete and edit the posts at their will. I had my complain deleted off my post and they called it "[removed - rant/off-topic]". see above Mar 2nd post. Maybe Quicken Sarah is a person and not a Bot.
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    bobnlou said:
    I posted 2 days ago that I had the same problem and all I did was to restore a file from an earlier date and that solved the problem. Don't understand why that post disappeared!
    Hello @bobnlou

    I apologize for any confusion, the comment posted two day ago is still visible and available to view at

    I hope this helps, thank you.

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    Been connecting with BofA since the Fix since 3/1/20.  Today when I connect I get OL-301...which is an ID\Password issue.  That error code cannot be right...after all, been connecting with that ID\Password....just used it to log into the BofA Website, did not chnage ID\Password in Quicken....  As I recall it was last Thursday wehn we started experiencing the BofA issue (2/27) and a week later and a Thursday....another issue surfaces to preventing a Quicken connection\Direct Connect with BofA?  
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