How to install one license on 2 Macs

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I would like to have quicken on my MacBook as well as iMac - how do 1 dod the please - I can only find the online version working on the laptop

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  • carol
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    Thank you! I assume though that it is not synced then between different computers? Thats my issue - I can get it to sync on my phone app but not on my laptop??
  • carol
    carol Member ✭✭
    ok cheers for that!
  • jacobs
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    On your laptop, you can use the Quick web interface, which is basically a web version of the mobile app. It's not a substitute for the full Quicken application, but if you just want to enter a transaction, check a transaction or a balance, it may suit you.

    If you want the full Quicken experience on your laptop, it is possible to move your Quicken data file back and forth between your desktop and laptop. It's a little cumbersome to move the file around, and you have to be mindful of which computer has your most recent live file -- but it's manageable and many people do it. The key thing to know is that you must either do Save a Backup or, in the Finder do File > Compress, before moving the file.
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