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Small and Full View Pie Charts are not the same

This problem has been in Quicken for Windows for over 5 years and is still not resolved. It has been reported by multiple users over the years with no resolution.
1. In My Summary View, Asset Allocation pie chart is displayed with total $ value x
2. Now in the Asset Allocation window, I select Show Full Graph that has the same categories and has total $ value y
3. x is not equal to y! The totals are close to the same but are distinctly different.
4. This makes no sense if the large and small pie charts are using the same underlying data. Quicken is obviously making independent compilations to derive the total data for large and small pie charts. Crazy - enlarging the view of a pie chart changes the summary data!


  • Tom YoungTom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    My small and large asset allocation pie charts agree to the penny and to the hundredth of a percent.  I do notice that if I customize the small graph and then call up the larger graph there is a difference in the dollar figures, but we're talking pennies.  How big of differences are you seeing here?
  • Pat SillsPat Sills Member ✭✭
    I tried replying to you directly but mail was rejected. I'm not comfortable sharing my asset data on a public forum. The difference is $5400, one tenth of one percent. If your bank had your balance low by $5400 but told you don't worry its only a tenth of one percent . . . .

    I have a screen capture that shows both totals on the same screen if we can figure out how to share privately.

    Best regards,
    Ken Sills
  • Tom YoungTom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I don't think looking at a picture of both totals will do any good since the problem is deeper in the detail. 
    Although it's clear that modifying one of the graphs, e.g., the small one, is supposed to pass that modification on to the larger graph, my first guess would be that something's funky there.  When you drill down into the customization of each graph and compare them, can you spot any differences?  I'd suggest going through each customization tab - Accounts, Categories, etc. - just to see if you can spot any "logical" reason for the difference.  That would be something tangible that could be communicated to Quicken's programmers.
    This sort of unexplained difference between two reports/graphs that should be exactly the same has been spotted in other parts of Quicken and it frequently involves the "snapshots" that you add to various tabs within the program.  If nothing comes up in your comparison of the customization windows you might try removing that particular snapshot, shutting down Quicken, restarting Quicken, and then adding that snapshot back to the tab.  That's been reported as sometimes fixing these "disconnects."
  • Pat SillsPat Sills Member ✭✭
    I see that I can independently select the accounts and securities that constitute the large and small graph. This is interesting and misleading because when a user clicks "show full graph" he expects a larger, more detailed display of the same underlying data, not a graph built on a different set of assumptions.

    BTW, the totals on the small graph reconcile with the totals of investing in the left hand column.

    OK, both graphs are built on identical account and security criteria but the discrepancies are still exist exactly as I first reported. So now I want to drill down and see exactly which securities are accounting for the discrepancies. On the full graph, I can select "Show Report". But when I click on any of the asset categories on the small graph, the large graph launches so I am unable to compare the detail.

    I thank you for your help, but I'm not inclined to pursue this any further. The "bug" in Quicken is that you have two pie charts, large and small, that ostensibly are derived from the same data, while they are in fact two completely independent graphs bassed on two independent sets of criteria.

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