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2017 Discontinuation & Web File Imports

I made this account for the sole purpose of expressing my complete and utter disappointment and anger at Quicken. Getting messages that downloading transactions from financial institutions are no longer going to work is one thing -- I don't use the built-in download feature anyway because IT'S ALWAYS BROKEN. But counting the downloading of files from your financial institutions' websites MANUALLY and trying to import them into Quicken as part of the "download features" of this product is downright asinine. I get that you want to make more money with a subscription model. But you're flat-out shutting off features that my version of your product handles just fine. It's extortion and I am SO done with you, Quicken. You will not get a cent more from me, and I'll be sure to tell all of my friends and relatives to stay the [profanity removed] away from your product. Whoever made this brilliant business decision can go to [profanity removed].


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