What is "Bill Manager" ?

I have been trying to transition away from Quicken Bill Pay to the new system. I have been able to send payments using both Quick Pay and Check Pay.

However, while in the "Bills and Income" Tab, I have been unable to delete (or hide) old payees who will not be used again. There are many, as I am an old timer with Quicken.

In some of the communications we have received from Quicken regarding the transition to Quick Pay, it is mentioned that we should be using the "Bill Manager" now instead of the older system. What exactly is "Bill Manager?" There is nothing labelled as such within Quicken for Mac, only the Bills and Income Tab.


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    Hello @Continental540,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    Here is a link that will give you a brief overview of what Quicken Bill Manager is as well as this link. Also, below are some useful links to some of our support articles regarding Quicken Bill Manager that you can review for more information on how to set it up and use it.
    1. Quicken Bill Manager: How To Set Up Quick Pay and Check Pay
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    4. Quicken Bill Manager: How many payments can I make each month?
    5. Quick Pay And Check Pay Frequently Asked Questions
    I hope you find these to be useful to you and let us know if you have any additional questions and concerns!

    -Quicken Anja
    -Quicken Anja
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    @Continental540  Quicken made some poor decisions, in my opinion, by confusing all these similar names. "Quicken Bill Manager" refers to the collective payment services of "Quick Pay" and "Check Pay." Why they don't call it "Bill Manager" anywhere in the application is beyond me. And in the link Anja provided above, they confuse things further by referring to "Bill Tracker", which is the Bills & Income tab and, again, not referred to as "Bill Tracker" anywhere in the application. I hope that in the future they'll smooth out this confusion and name things the same in their explanations and the application.
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    Thanks Jacobs! Makes sense. I can relax now . . .

    And you are quite right -- it was very difficult to keep track of the differences between Quick Pay, Quicken Bill Pay, Check Pay, Bank Bill Pay in the beginning -- now that I know I have to pay attention, it's little easier.

    Now, if there were only a way to:
    1. Hide or delete payees, and
    2. Make Quick Pay payments from the register, and
    3. Schedule payments,

    I'd be a happy camper.
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    They are also not always consistent on what they call things between the Mac version and the Windows version, making it even more confusing.
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    @Continental540  You can hide Payees. Go to Window > Payees & Rules. Under the Payees heading and above the Name column, there's a checkbox for "Show Hidden." Make sure that's checked, and there will be a Hidden column on the sight side. Click to Hide a Payee.

    Deleting Payees is trickier. Quicken Mac doesn't allow you to delete a Payee, because it's being used by one or more transactions in your database. But you can get there. Here's a way to make some Payees disappear. Create a Payee called "Deleted Payee" or something like that. Then select that Payee and Command-click to select one or more Payees you want to delete. Click the Merge Payees button and make the "Into:" drop-down menu be your "Deleted Payee", and click Merge. This will merge the one or more Payees you want to delete into the "Deleted Payee" and removes the ones you no longer want. 

    Scheduling payments can't be done now, but Quicken has promised it's coming this summer. 
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    Thanks very much, I will try that. I've been a quicken user since the early 90's (as I recall), and there are many payees who are long gone from my life.
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