How can I merge 2 accounts that are being consolidated by broker

Have 2 brokerage accounts that are being consolidated into one of the existing accounts. Is there any way (without going transaction by transaction over 12 years worth) of moving balances and transactions into the new account


  • q_lurker
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    Back up your data file.

    Use Shares Transferred between Accounts (Enter Transaction button) from the account being merged into the other account.  

    That Shares Transferred will do Remove Shares from the closing account and Add Shares into the receiving account.  Any Short positions or cash positions will need separate treatment.  Current assets will be transferred.  All historical transactions will remain in the original account.    
  • Thanks. That got them over, but still need to move manually some of the 'historical' information. Fortunately, only a dozen to move.
    You'd think that Quicken would have something better than a cut and paste solution
  • q_lurker
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    Why do you think you need to move the "historical" information?  What sort of information are you referring to?  Generally speaking as I said before, the historical data should remain in the original account in which it took place. 
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