How do I stop Quicken 6.1.0 from replacing my bank info with outdated zzz- bank info?

I'm using Direct Connect to USAA. I've already connected Quicken to my USAA account. So USAA made a change. I've followed the procedures on the Quicken site and disconnected all my USAA accounts, then went through the process of adding them all back, one-by-one, making sure I was choosing USAA FSB - new. Works the first time (of course Quicken downloads duplicate transactions and turned all my deposits into payments so I had to manually go through and fix everything in two checking accounts) then the next time I want to have it download, all my accounts are set back to zzz-USAA and I didn't even quit the program and relaunch.

Quicken was working pretty well, but the past year of updates have made it a mess. It never matches my transactions correctly and often duplicates entries. I got so tired of having to waste time each day fixing it, I just stopped manually entering transactions.

Quicken version is Quicken Deluxe for Mac, 6.1.0, build 601.37882.100 on MacOS 11.1


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    Hello @David Stempnakowski

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize that you're experiencing this trouble.

    If you have not done so already, I would take a look at the steps outlined here.

    This article does state that it's for 101/103 errors but these steps may remedy the issue that you're experiencing.

    Let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Tyka
  • Tyka,

    Thanks for the response. The first paragraph, the third sentence on. I've actually done those steps twice before posting to this forum.
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    I'm having a similar problem but with only one USAA account. I was able to transition all the rest of my USAA accounts over to the new USAA one step connection without a problem. I did remove the zzz-USAA entry associated with the account by removing the zzz-USAA in the Edit Account Details>Financial Institution field and that removed the attempt by Quicken to force me back to that connection site. See instructions under
    for help.

    My problem now is that this one account doesn't show up in my list from USAA to link back to the original Quicken listing.....boy USAA sure screwed this transition up!
  • I think I may have finally gotten the updated USAA links to stick, after going through the process four times. I removed Quicken from the Mac and reinstalled it. After, I went through the process of disconnecting all the USAA accounts and then reconnecting them, starting with the one I use most frequently. So far, so good.

    I still think Quicken did a better job at matching downloaded transactions before the updates this time last year, but reconciling has definitely improved.
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    I also think I figured out the problem with the one account not being linkable. If the account has not had a transaction for a few months, it apparently doesn't show up as a linkable account. I transferred $10 into the account to prove my theory and sure enough, I was able to set up One Step Update for the account and I was now able to link the online account to an existing Quicken account. So if you are unable to link a USAA account to an existing Quicken account (as in you go through online set up and you are not able to link the USAA account to a Quicken account), make sure there is some recent activity in the account. In my case, I was then able to see and link the USAA account to my existing Quicken account information.
  • Since the last two updates, Quicken seems to record only one type of transaction. All downloaded transactions in my USAA checking are recorded as payments. Even if they are deposits. It also has started duplicating transactions, including ones it has downloaded in the past 24 hours.

    Is it just me?

    For me, this app seems to get worse with each update.
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    I don't have a USAA account and will defer to those who do. I'd just note that the two problems you describe mostly turn out to be issues with changes the financial institution has made with their downloads rather than Quicken. (And I know that doesn't help you get the problem resolved.)
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  • Thanks for the feedback. Quicken just downloaded transactions for my USAA Visa, they are a repeat of the same transactions it downloaded yesterday. In fact, with the same post date of 2/1/2021. This is almost as much work now as when I had a paper register and manually had to reconcile.
  • As a note, the comment regarding the downloading and posting of all transactions as payments was actually created as a new question, with an appropriate subject line, tags, etc.. I have no idea how/why it has ended up in this thread.
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    The zzz prefix indicates that your bank/brokerage/etc dropped Q, NOT that Q dropped the bank.
    In the case of USAA, it's my understanding that they switched the institutional name that they wanted to use, and that was entirely USAA's decision ... thus the old name went zzz.
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    When Quicken downloads, it takes whatever the financial institution is sending. There is a unique identifier for each transaction -- the Financial Institution Transaction Identification, or FITID -- which Quicken uses to prevent duplicates. You should click on a transaction from yesterday and open the Inspector (on the View menu) to see the FITID number. Then open the duplicate of that transaction from today and check the FITID number. If they are the same, then Quicken is doing something wrong; if they are different, then the financial institution is doing something wrong. Note that the FITID numbers also change -- and this would allow duplicates -- if you switch between connection methods (e.g. Quicken Connect to Direct Connect, or downloading and importing a QFX file). 
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  • @jacobs Thanks - next time it happens I will do that. I've already deleted the duplicates from today. For USAA, I use direct connect as it has been much faster than Quicken Connect and I have had fewer problems. Until recently.
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    For what it is worth there is several reported problems with the new USAA switch over.  And with maybe the exception of the problem with Mobile/Web sync since these are problems caused by what USAA is sending, only they can fix it, and it is going to show up both on the Windows and Mac side.

    1. Pending transactions are being sent when they shouldn't.  Some times with the wrong sign on the amount (positive when it should be negative).  This also causes duplicate transactions since when the pending transaction is posted they send it again with a different FITID (and with the right sign).
    2. The transaction type is set as "transfer" even when the transaction isn't actually a transfer.
    3. For Credit Card accounts they are sending the wrong account numbers.
    4. For Credit Card accounts some are reporting the online balance has the opposite sign.
    5. Loan accounts setup for downloading (Which have to be Quicken Connect/Express Web Connect) transaction not downloading.
    6. Some people have reported that "not all" of their accounts showed up to download when they changed over.
    7. EDIT I knew I forgot one.  USAA accounts can't sync to the Mobile/Web.
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  • @Chris_QPW Thanks for the additional info. I use the USAA App for my mobile, so I don't use Quicken on those platforms. Only the Mac desktop version. I had a lot of issues with the change over and the reconnected accounts not sticking and falling back to zzz-USAA. I uninstalled and re-installed Quicken, then disconnected/reconnected the accounts as outlined in the support articles mentioned above and that seems to have resolved that particular issue. The transaction matching and duplicates have been going on for at least six months now, but have been getting worse with each update. Quicken used to match a transaction when it was within a day (I manually enter on 2/1, but the bank post 2/2 but it would still match) but now not at all. I can have all the info (Payee and amount) 100% match to what the bank is sending and it still will create a new entry.
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    @jacobs So it did happen again today, and as you suspected the FITID numbers are different.
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    And so the problem isn't at Quicken's end; it can't detect duplicate transactions because the financial institution keeps changing them. You'll have to reach out to USAA tech support, try to persist in getting a representative who is familiar with Quicken, and hope they fix that they're doing.
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