Budget category rollover needs to be supported in Mobile/Web

I have several budget categories where Rollover is enabled. The Mobile and Web versions need to support this feature as well. Do not need the capability of enabling or disabling from Mobile/Web, can leave that feature on Desktop. Mobile and Web need to recognize that rollover is enabled on Desktop and show the budget amount for a current month with rollover from previous months.
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  • JayBugs
    JayBugs Member, Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta
    This is needed for budgets from both QMac and QWin.
  • Ryan
    Ryan Member ✭✭
    A mobile budget withought rollover supports is worthless. Please add rolleover support accross all platforms please!
  • Scott Hearan
    Scott Hearan Member ✭✭
    This worked on the original mobile app. Why was it removed?
  • JayBugs
    JayBugs Member, Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta
    Budget rollovers existed in not only the original mobile app (before the current independent Quicken) but also in the first year or more of the current app. It stopped working on January 2019, I think. (Or January 2020?)

    Rollovers are really needed in the mobile app. Otherwise you can eat overspend in one month and on the 1st day of the new month you have no idea of that overspending and no way to even look back and see it since in the mobile app you can only see the current month.
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