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Vanguard OL-220-A errors - started 2/17/21



  • PWR
    PWR Member ✭✭
    Tried the fix suggested in the "Alert" thread -- same result.
  • Bill Pa
    Bill Pa Member
    This was working yesterday (2/17)... and for a long time (many months) prior... but for me was first broken (OL-220-A on two Vanguard accounts) today 2/18.
  • asherfamily1
    asherfamily1 Member ✭✭✭
    Last week I was having OL-293-A issues with Vanguard
    Now its a OL-220-A issue
    Quicken has posted a "fix".... but it doesnt work
    What a pain!
  • jmkdae
    jmkdae Member ✭✭
    Got the error on 1 of 2 accounts this AM. Tried the fix but did not work. A later update today now I get the error on the other account while the first one is fixed. Not sure the user can fix this one.

    Still getting the error.
  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi  @asherfamily1

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Vanguard accounts.

    Can you tell me what you tried but it didn't fix the issue?  Also how long have these problems persisted?


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  • asherfamily1
    asherfamily1 Member ✭✭✭

    The 220-A problem started in the last day or so. The other error was “fixed” by updating a second time

    Someone @ Quicken posted a fix for the OL-220-A error. It didn’t work for me and, based on the ratio of thumbs down to thumbs up, I was not alone 

  • asherfamily1
    asherfamily1 Member ✭✭✭
    As a follow-up, the "fix" was posted by Quicken Sarah in a post to "Known Problems" titled

    UPDATED 2/17/21 Vanguard Returns OL-220 Error

  • Aeowyn
    Aeowyn Member
    Having same problems. Followed instructions:


    Did NOT fix the issue. Still getting OL-220-A error for Vanguard.
  • daroldc
    daroldc Member
    Same issue for me. I deactivated one of my Vanguard accounts and it wont let me reactivate it. I get an error saying incorrect customer ID or password/PIN. I know my ID and password are correct because I can login via the Vanguard website fine.
  • I am having a similar issue to cyberphile (OL-220-A error)

    My "ConnLog.TXT" shows: 20210218 18:20:24: Parse error. Current object: Null Object

    I also looked at the "QuickenAuthorizationLog.txt" and it shows that a .NET error and I also note that services.quicken.com does not respond to a ping.

    qw PID(12800) TID(1) 2/18/21 5:50:39:768 PM ERROR Quicken.Services.Authentication.OAuth2Service "System.Net.WebException: The remote name could not be resolved: 'services.quicken.com'
    at System.Net.WebClient.UploadDataInternal(Uri address, String method, Byte[] data, WebRequest& request)
    at System.Net.WebClient.UploadData(Uri address, String method, Byte[] data)
    at QAM.Authorization.AuthorizationClient.RefreshAccessTokenInternal(Collection`1 scopes, HttpStatusCode& statusCode)"

    I tried to deactivate and reactivate bit I get the same OL-220-A error.
  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    If you have 2 or more Vanguard logins in the same data file, a work around is to close Quicken and reopen it. Then go to the account register of the problem account.  Use Update Transactions from the gear icon to successfully download.

    Apparently the change they made to fix the old issue created new issue. Two Vanguard logins in the same data file can't be updated in the same Quicken session.
  • datdaddy
    datdaddy Member
    OL-220-V error on two Vanguard accounts and two Janus accounts this morning.
  • Greg_the_Geek
    Greg_the_Geek SuperUser, Windows Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's back this morning after working yesterday.
    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
  • AAR
    AAR Member
    Followed the recommendation in the Alert of 02/17/2021.

    Still getting OL-220-A error.
  • darbusa
    darbusa Member ✭✭
    Been getting same thing for 2 days.
  • jeanderson
    jeanderson Member ✭✭
    edited February 19
    I am also having the OL-220A error when updating my Vanguard accounts.

    I tried to update the list of accounts as recommended but when I hold CTRL+SHIFT and click Contact Info, nothing happens. I am running Quicken for Windows in a Parallels VM on a Mac, if that makes any difference.
  • Yaxman
    Yaxman Member
    I had the same issue a couple of days ago. (OL-220-A for my Vanguard Accounts)

    Yesterday, all of the online connections for my Vanguard accounts were deleted, and I had to re-add them. I believe Vanguard upgraded the method used to connect and download transactions to Quicken. The download worked fine after reconnecting.

    Today (2/19/2021 @ 7:19 AM EST), I am again getting an OL-220-A when trying to download my data.
  • DonP
    DonP Member
    > @elvee said:
    > I just went through all the steps outlines in the fix posted on the Known Problems page. It did not work. I was stopped at the Refresh step once all the updating was completed.
    > When I try to reset an account it fails with the same OL-220-A error and I get a failure box that says Quicken could not complete the account request.
    > Please update us on the resolution process.
    > Thank you.

    Yes, still having the same issue. Quicken appears to complete the reset process but I can't clear the Pop-Up box. Task Manager shows the process still running but no activity on the CPU.
  • alan14
    alan14 Member ✭✭
    For the past few days the direct connect from quicken gets an immediate error "an error has occurred" with no error code. I cannot even reset the accounts. Never had this issue before. How to fix it?
  • Gary Wnorowski
    Gary Wnorowski Member ✭✭
    also having problem with OL-202-A on one (only) Vanguard account. worked fine for years until 2 days ago after downloading an update. not sure if that is what is causing it.
  • taffeys
    taffeys Member ✭✭
    After resetting two Vanguard accounts yesterday everything worked fine. This morning @5:15tm the OL-220-A error showed up again on one of them. This is maddening.
    Quicken Deluxe Version R33.19 Build
    Windows 10 Pro x64 Dev Build 21376.1 Feature Pack 321.11803.0.3
  • amust8
    amust8 Member
    At 8:00 Eastern, still getting OL-220-A fault on the Vanguard accounts. The fix that was posted did not work for me.
  • taffeys
    taffeys Member ✭✭
    Update: I tried resetting the one account with the OL-220-A error I got a blank popup with no options and Quicken was stuck. Couldn't close the popup or Quicken icon from the task bar. Had to invoke Task Manager to End the Quicken Task.
    Quicken Deluxe Version R33.19 Build
    Windows 10 Pro x64 Dev Build 21376.1 Feature Pack 321.11803.0.3
  • jwldoc
    jwldoc Member
    edited March 23
    Starting 2/17/21, Vanguard download isn't working for me either. I deactivated downloads, but when re-enter my Vanguard credentials, I receive error "Incorrect Password/ID" - which it must assuredly is not.
    I'm still able to access Vanguard website and view my Vanguard data with 3rd party [Removed - Solication] - which strongly leads me to believe this is a quicken issue.

    Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  • Pug Lady
    Pug Lady Member
    Since the 17th, I've been having problems syncing my Vanguard accounts. Vanguard is listed in my institutions list, tho I did do the refresh suggested anyway. I disconnected & tried to reconnect, but keep getting "Incorrect customer ID or Password/PIN". Quicken Connect isn't even listed as an option for connection & Direct Connect doesn't work, as noted above. Suggestions?
  • bdegnan
    bdegnan Member ✭✭
    I first saw this issue on Feb 17. I tried the suggested steps to fix this issue. Did not work. Quicken needs to take ownership of a fix and test it thoroughly before putting it out there. I see references in the connection log to null objects and parse errors.
  • Getting error OL-220A when updating Vanguard.
    All other accounts download ok.
    Just started yesterday was ok before that.
    Running windows 10, Quicken Premier subscription.
    Quicken 2016 Deluxe R19.5, Windows 10
  • mls32
    mls32 Member
    I am having the same issue with Quicken not updating any of my Vangaurd accounts. I tried to reset my connection and I am getting "Vangaurd did not accept your login incorrect user name and/or password". Even though I can login directly to Vanguard with my information. This is happening with my wife's and daughter's accounts that I manage.
  • fostfam
    fostfam Member
    Same for me. 2 accounts. one gets OL-220-A, the other OL-293-A. Quicken Home, Business, Rental R31.12, on Windows 10.
  • GerryL
    GerryL Member ✭✭
    Getting OL-220-A error when trying to update my Vanguard accounts. Followed the procedure in the 02/17 alert "Vanguard Returns OL-220 Error". Still having the same problem.
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