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Vanguard OL-220-A errors - started 2/17/21



  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Accepted Answer
    Hello All,

    The OL-220 error with Vanguard has been resolved and Users should no longer encounter this error when adding/updating accounts.

    Some Users however, are reporting that they are now receiving a OL-293 or OL-362 error.

    The OL-293 is an ongoing error that we have an open escalation with our service providers and the financial institution.  Our teams are continuing to investigate this error and ask that any User who receives a OL-293 that is not cleared by running the One Step Update again or the Update Now option and is willing to assist in the open investigation, to please create a new post reporting the error.

    For more information and to follow the ongoing Alert for this specific error, please visit here.

    For Users experiencing a OL-362-A error, please review the information and troubleshooting steps available here.

    We will also be closing this long-running post for new comments and ask if you are still receiving a OL-220 error, to please create a new post to report the issue.

    Thank you,

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