Review downloaded transactions before accepting into register?

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Just migrated from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for MAC. Is there a way to review the downloaded transaction (in a window below the register is how it worked in PC version) in Quicken for Mac?


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    No, Quicken Mac doesn't have this functionality of reviewing downloaded transactions in a separate window. But it has a workflow that can be somewhat similar if you use it as the developers intended. Here's a post by a fellow Quicken user in an older thread which talks about this:
    RickO said:
    There have been many requests for QMac to have a separate downloaded transaction acceptance process like QWin. It doesn't look like that's going to happen.

    So what do you do? Make sure the Status column is showing in the register (that's the one labeled with a black dot). In this column, if you see a transaction with a blue dot, that is one that was downloaded but did not match. Those are the ones to pay special attention to for possible fraud. 

    As you review each transaction, click the status column and then "Reviewed" to clear the dot (or blue pencil or envelop). An empty status column on a transaction will be your indication that you've reviewed the transaction and it is good to go. If you want a more prominent indication, turn on the Match Status column. This will say either Matched (auto), Matched (manual) or Downloaded. 

    If you want to see only non-reviewed transactions, or the most recently downloaded, there are filters for this under the Status filter at the top.

    As for marking it as cleared, this is appropriate because as far as the bank is concerned, the transaction has cleared. That column is an indication of the transaction's status at the bank, and should be kept in sync with the bank's records.

    This is a different workflow than in QWin, but it is essentially functionally equivalent once you get used to it.

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    For the record Quicken Windows has this same workflow, it is just that the long time users are use to the Downloaded Transactions tab flow.  New Quicken Windows users default to the in the register flow (which the status column automatically turned on) and in fact this is the same flow for both Quicken Mobile and Web.
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    There are pros and cons to both workflows and there are still MANY good reasons that the separate acceptance workflow is useful and needed.

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