Downloaded transactions hardly match register entries like before

Lately I've been noticing my Quicken (windows) app not recognizing 'very' similar transactions already entered in the register - sometimes with the same check number, not match up after being downloaded from my bank. Anyone else noticing this? Should I be enabling some kind of download setting for it to pick up on register entries?


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    Hi @CG Smith

    My experience has been that matching downloaded transactions to those already in a register is not an exact science.  There are a number of factors that can have an effect on the matching process, including the payee name, the transaction amount, and the transaction date.  And the Quicken application does utilize an algorithm to match transactions, but that is not foolproof.

    Have you checked your settings for "downloaded transactions"?  Go to: "Edit" > "Preferences" > "Downloaded transactions".  The blue dot with the "?" in the bottom left provides some good information on the preferences and how they work. And the "Renaming Rules" button, will take you to your list of such rules.

    And lastly, I have noticed that different financial institutions will download transactions that include much different data than others and that clearly affects the matching process.  As an example, I have found that Chase's downloaded data rarely automatically matches to most Quicken transactions, but that has been the exception that I've seen.


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    I'm having a problem where downloaded transactions are matching to scheduled transactions incorrectly. I am having to be very careful when reviewing downloads since it is happening at least once or twice each time. If I catch it - it doesn't revert the scheduled transaction back to it's original date.
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