Two (out of 4) of my credit card registers are reducing my balance with each charge. Why?

I have four of my credit card registers set up where I retrieve the transactions. About a week ago, two of them are now reducing my balance with each charge, rather than increasing my balance. One of the ones affected is a Chase Visa and one is a Citibank Visa, but the other two that are working correctly are also Chase.

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  • splasher
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    See this thread, , it is about the same thing, you are either missing some charges pr have extra incorrect payments.

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  • NotACPA
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    Or, when you initially set up the account you used a  positive amount rather than a negative amount.
    Usually (unless you've over-paid on the account) the Balance column in a credit card account should be RED
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  • artyceb
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    Thanks for the response! I went back through all of the transactions and found that a payment had been entered twice on one of the accounts and on the other, for some reason I was missing one statement's worth of charges, so once I got those entered, it all worked out - thanks!