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Do I need to be available when Schedule Update runs? Or will it run in unattended mode? I want to have the latest update available when I start Quicken. Currently One Step Update starts when I start Quicken. It asks for Vault Password. This is the Password Vault Password, correct? Then it takes 10 minutes to connect to my bank and credit cards. I am considering Schedule Update if I can save this time. In the Schedule Updates setup I see that Quicken will prompt for my Password Vault password, either at Windows Startup or Schedule Update startup. When I quit for the day I restart Windows and keep the computer running with Quicken not started. If I select Windows Startup is that when I will be prompted for the Password Vault Password? And then I can go away and come back tomorrow and it's all done?


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    You can set up "Scheduled Updates" by clicking TOOLS, Schedule Updates.
    Mine are set to run 6 days a week (almost no financial institutions update on Sunday, so I exclude MONDAY from these updates) and I run them at 7am.
    NOTE, that for this to work, your computer must be turned on that that time, and your Q data file can NOT be Password Protected.
    You also, at the "Schedule Update" dialog, need to select the option to Prompt for your Vault Password at Windows startup ... and that if your computer reboots overnight, then the Scheduled Update won't run (because you haven't input the password since the reboot).
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