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when did the search function change??  when i have the register open and i enter a category or dollar amount, the actual check register changes and the results show up there.  there isn't a separate box  that shows all of the results.  now, if i use the find function i can get the separate box that i use to get when i used the search feature.  wish it had not been changed.  more steps to go through when it use to be simple and quick.   thanks!


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    There are three search functions in Quicken Windows.
    • The global one at the top right of the main window.  This searches all accounts/fields and returns the search in a separate window.
    • The register search which is in the top left of the register.  This is a "filter search" as in the register is filtered to what you type in.
    • The last one is started while you are in the register, usually on a given field, Ctrl+F (Ctrl+H for find and replace), or Edit -> Find.  This brings up a dialog of what to find (deselect "Find 'Any field' by default if you want it to start with the field that you are on, and restart search, it will be the default for the next time). This has a Find button, which finds the next register entry, and Find All which brings up the results in a separate window.
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